New Book On Sale: Ranke’s Tale

My latest book, Rakne’s Tale: Hearing of Grievances, is now on sale at a digital book retailer near you (or very soon will be. Contrary to my typo on the blog, this 13,000-word short story is available for $0.99 USD at: Amazon iTunes Barnes and NobleKobo DriveThruFictionScribdPage Foundry. GooglePlay coming soon. Continue reading

Site Overhaul Incoming

The theme I’ve been using for the last two years is proving to be the source of all my problems with the site. So for the next week, I’m going to be searching for a replacement that lets me keep everything looking relatively the same. Please excuse any asthetics that suddenly change during this time.

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Uncle Vaal Wants YOU To Join His Street Team (Email Address Corrected)

Greetings, loyal readers! Say, do you enjoy the stories presented on this site? Do you just wish they could be presented in the best manor possible? Alternatively, do you want free ebooks and the potential for more swag in the future?

It’s the third thing, isn’t it? Yeah, I figured. Anyway, you can do all of those things by joining the Paradox-Omni Entertainment (POE) Street Team!

Click the topic to learn more!

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