Presenting: The Fifth Wednesday Event!

I know it’s not the Fifth Wednesday anymore, but it’s finally here: my experimental first step into podcasting: The Fifth Wednesday Event.


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  1. Nice job on the podcast!
    I enjoyed it.

  2. Random thoughts I had while listening:

    That thing Marvel is doing, Secret War… Didn’t they already do that in the eighties, just in plural? Secret Wars? You know with the Beyonder and Spider-Man’s symbiont suit?

    Do try to get better, at times you kind of sound like what I imagine a cut-rate phone sex line would sound like. No offense meant.

    This was the first time I heard anyone say ‘ballad of bad lass’ out loud and was struck with just how much it sounds like ‘ballad of battle ass’.

    Gnomes… I don’t really get gnomes. They always feel tacked-on wherever they appear. Maybe it’s just because I’ve never yet seen a version of gnomes that wasn’t presented as comic relief.

    • They also did Secret Wars !! where the Beyonder was Elvis. And Secret Wars again, like three years ago as a minor Nick Fury plot.

      Yeah, some of my friends have been razzing me for ‘trying to sound sexy’. I’m concerned about all you people for whom ‘flem-filled’ is sexful.

      Battle Ass is an entirely different story about a cyborg donkey from an alternate steampunk past.

      I could fill an entire episode on Gnomes.

  3. Hey, the link no longer appears to be working. I’m getting a 404 error.

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