The Descendants is a superhero web fiction series presented in the style of a comic book series with stories presented in the form of issues with annuals and specials. In addition to the main series, the site also presents stories from the larger Descendants Universe in the form of mini- and ongoing series.
Nothing But The Tooth
Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow. Update will be late because I have a blinding toothache. Probably

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Descendants #105 – A Sound Like Thunder Chp 1
There was a balcony outside the food court on the tenth floor of the Nichole Farmer Avenue Mall that gave a commanding view of the city clear to the St Anne River that cut it in half. On a bright summer day like the one during which Kareem Utt sat an watched a cargo ship pass beneath the West Truman Bridge, the sun turned many of the glass-faced buildings along that view into columns of brilliant light, completely opposite the mood filling his heart. He looked away from said view and down at

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3 Types of Episode That Need Reworking
I explore a few plots that need to be given some tender loving care to turn them into something worthwhile.

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