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Okay, folks. So the fact is, a Monday update when I work Sunday and game Monday night is not the best idea and on top of my new position is responsible for the biweekly release schedule I'm providing right now. Plus, I really want to get back to telling the other stories on this site (Remember Liedecker Institute?) and doing my blog, so I'm going to announce a major change in how I do updates going forward. Hint: it's how things used to be waaay back ten years ago when I started. Oh, and

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Descendants #105 – A Sound Like Thunder Chp 2
That transition was jarring, agonizing. Every muscle in Kareem's body felt as if it were cramping; every nerve as if it was being cut free from his body. MayComm's astral gate had not been designed to transport physical beings across the boundary between worlds. So however it had been reconfigured to do so, it did in the same way a cube of gelatin could be transported through a straw. He marveled at how the process hadn't been fatal even as he collapsed from his reeling senses. Somewhere,

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3 Types of Episode That Need Reworking
I explore a few plots that need to be given some tender loving care to turn them into something worthwhile.

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