The Descendants is a superhero web fiction series presented in the style of a comic book series with stories presented in the form of issues with annuals and specials. In addition to the main series, the site also presents stories from the larger Descendants Universe in the form of mini- and ongoing series.
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I am currently transitioning to working at home for my day job. Things should be back to normal next week with the next story 'The New Dark'. I'm experimenting with the format as I return to writing the series; hence the 10 chapter issue. Just keep leaving feedback so I know what's working and what's

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Descendants #106 – Gal Gallium – Chapter 10
Gallium’s inattention was brought to a swift end by the boom of a shotgun. A single deer slug sank into the small of her back, it’s momentum making her stumble forward, almost tripping over the sprawled Partlowe. “Oh, you are very much asking for a beat-down,” she muttered, turning to face a man dual-wielding sawed off shotguns. He hadn’t fired again, favoring his shoulder from where his gun’s kickback had likely done some real, lasting damage. Still, he tried leveling the weapon in his good

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Coming Soon...
The Return of the Descendants The Descendants are back! With the threat of Maeve and her armies, the superheroes of Earth are preparing in every way possible; from seeking out the scattered artifacts revealed by Avalon to tapping the captured tools of their foes like the Yellow World fragments and especially the Four books. But the villains aren’t going to wait around themselves: Simon Talbot makes a big move while Liedecker takes a new tact: running for mayor of Mayfield! New Ere

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