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The Delay is Good News This Time!
Okay guys, the first chapter of Descendants 102 - Tales of Consequence is a few pages from being done, but it's not because of anything bad... mostly. Thanks to the 4th of July, I had to work four ten hour shifts at my new job and didn't get to write much. What I did get to write though is something I'm sure a lot of you were wondering when I'd get back to it: Soul Battery 3. So one more week of delay, but for the best of reasons. Don't worry, thinks will get back to normal. Even more

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Descendants #102 – Tales of Consequence Chp. 2
Christina Carlyle didn't get to see her sisters often. Both were older than Tink and her brother by a good decade and lived overseas. And frankly? She was fine with that. While she couldn't speak for Jacqueline, Janet seemed to be trying to remind her exactly why that was. Upon hearing that her sister not only had extraordinary powers but was a superhero and that a secret organization had threatened their family, Janet had hopped a plane across the Atlantic Ocean... to berate her about

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3 Types of Episode That Need Reworking
I explore a few plots that need to be given some tender loving care to turn them into something worthwhile.

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