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I know you folks are tired of my delays, but this one is very serious. I had a serious health scare this week. I spent four days in the hospital, which if you're familiar with America's healthcare system, you will know will almost invariably destroy me financially even before the long term care I will need. Working as intended. So I've had a lot of a lot this week and hopefully, I'll be back on schedule for next

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Descendants 106 – The Away Team – Chapter 03
Juniper was pretty sure she should have been tired, having awoken at the crack of dawn to fly from Arizona to Virginia, riding up the Freeland House just to immediately board a private shuttle out to Dayspring College’s private airfield just to catch another flight back west to Detroit. Should have been. But the truth was, she was bursting with excitement. Bursting, and bouncing in her seat. “Looking forward to seeing the world, Jun?” Cyn gave her a toothy grin, “Or just Detroit?” “Or maybe

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Coming Soon...
The Return of the Descendants The Descendants are back! With the threat of Maeve and her armies, the superheroes of Earth are preparing in every way possible; from seeking out the scattered artifacts revealed by Avalon to tapping the captured tools of their foes like the Yellow World fragments and especially the Four books. But the villains aren’t going to wait around themselves: Simon Talbot makes a big move while Liedecker takes a new tact: running for mayor of Mayfield! New Ere

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