The Descendants is a superhero web fiction series presented in the style of a comic book series with stories presented in the form of issues with annuals and specials. In addition to the main series, the site also presents stories from the larger Descendants Universe in the form of mini- and ongoing series.
Vote For The Liedecker Institute Safety Patrol!
It's the readers' turn to decide who gets to join LI's Safety Patrol and start superhero training.

Latest Story
Descendants 98 – The Precocious Prodigy Chp.2
JC continues trying to keep his mind off his missing friends, unaware that someone is doing research on him.

Latest Article
This Old Monster: The Mothman
Vaal brings a real clunker into the TOM garage this week: the worst monster of them all: Mothman.

Recent Stories
10-24-2016 - Descendants 98 – The Precocious Prodigy Chp.2
10-19-2016 - Liedecker Institute: Sophomore Year #32 - Cross-town Rivals Part 3
10-16-2016 - Descendants 98 – The Precocious Prodigy Chp.1
10-12-2016 - Imago - Season 1, Episode 4 “Bounty”, Act 1
10-03-2016 - Descendants 97 – Heir of Hyrilius Chp. 5

Recent Articles
10-14-2016 - This Old Monster: The Mothman
09-30-2016 - This is How My Mind Works: Enter The Pokematrix
08-26-2016 - Writing What I Hate: The Killing Joke
05-20-2016 - Three Common Tropes You Probably Never Noticed Suck
05-06-2016 - This Is A Good Death

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