The Descendants is a superhero web fiction series presented in the style of a comic book series with stories presented in the form of issues with annuals and specials. In addition to the main series, the site also presents stories from the larger Descendants Universe in the form of mini- and ongoing series.
The Descendants Will Return... 5/13
I'll write a longer apology for my long absence at a later date, but right now the important thing is I'm back in action. Descendants will start updating this coming Sunday starting with the end of Foreign Relations.   Thank you all for your pateince with me through this trying

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Descendants #107 – Loki's Game Chp. 1
“What did you do?” Vorpal demanded from atop the ancient tower she suddenly found herself on. “Why do you think this was me?” Warrick shot back. He was standing on the wall adjoining said tower—no armor, no armbands he used to summon Isp and Osp, no chain-link belt—No metal at all. He was wearing only the black togs and Zorro-style bandanna over the top half of his face. Vorpal leapt nimbly down from the tower to the wall. She was wearing her combat outfit, complete with her cowl.

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3 Types of Episode That Need Reworking
I explore a few plots that need to be given some tender loving care to turn them into something worthwhile.

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