The Descendants is a superhero web fiction series presented in the style of a comic book series with stories presented in the form of issues with annuals and specials. In addition to the main series, the site also presents stories from the larger Descendants Universe in the form of mini- and ongoing series.
In Remembrance of Barbara Porter, Loving Mother and Friend
If you've followed this site for very long, you will know that my mother has been a huge influence on not only me, but my work. Her stories inspired me to tell stories. Her encouragement led me to start this site. Her presence is part of the reason why I focus so much on creating female characters with heart and meaning. Unfortunately, if you follow this site, you also know that my mother has suffered a long string of misfortunes, usually with only this single son at her side. I know you know

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Descendants #101 – The Battle of Freeland House Chp.4
The gunfire started up outside just as Improv was passing through the mirror gate and while Kali was waiting her turn to go through with her own bin. “What's that?” she asked, looking around in a mild panic. “Freeland House's automated defenses,” Barn Owl replied, extending his high-tech wings. “The bad guys must have reached the grounds.” Mark chewed his bottom lip and did his best to square up his shoulders, though he fear made itself obvious in his voice. “They're coming now? For rea

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The Worst Anime I have Ever Seen
So during the four months I was living in motels looking for a home, my only solace was the free high-speed wi-fi and the various free streaming services. I've watched a lot of stuff. I'm even up to date on modern shows I wanted to watch like The Flash, Supergirl, the Librarians, etc. And I've watched a lot of anime. Lots. Like so much anime. The thing about anime is that it's a mine field. Saying you're going to watch some anime is like saying you're going to watch live action western tel

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