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This page lists stories that are not part of the Descendants Universe.



A weapon of great evil has just fallen into the hands of the ex-slave, Taylin. With it, she has the power to revenge herself against her former masters, the destroy and conquer. That is the will of the weapon called the Rune Breaker.

But Taylin has the soul of a hero and the Rune Breaker is not a mere weapon, but an ancient mage, magically bound as punishment for his vile deeds. Can a heroic soul redeem timeless evil, or is corruption of a pure heart inevitable?

Taking place in the World of Ere Campaign Setting, Rune Breaker is an action fantasy set in a backdrop of a unique world and dosed with humor, family themes and philosophy. [Read More…]



The last thing on the mind of Traceren Ridsekes was to be a hero. His job is to tell the stories of heroes; to chronicle their deeds and bring them to light — which incidently pays very well when combined with his special talents with magic.

Unfortunately for him, a beautiful stranger is about to lead him into the one story he never thought he’d tell: his own.

Taking place in the World of Ere Campaign Setting, Ridsekes is a a swashbucking thriller, blending fantasy, intrigue, comedy and a hint of romance. [Read More…]



Renee Faust is not your normal FBI agent. Her typical day is spent exterminating goblins, exorcising demons and shaking down the troll mafia. Her not so typical days involve hellhounds, dark gods and facing down the legions of at least four different hells. Oh, and she’s one of the original fallen angels.

With the help of her assigned assistant, Winter Capshaw, Renee faces off against the twin forces of supernatural badness and her own immortal boredom in the most popular TV show in the Descendants universe! [Read More…]



The Trinion Empire ruled with violence and oppression for one hundred and fifty seven years before the heroic Zact Rebellion rose up and overthrew them. Unfortunately, the Zact and their allies couldn’t keep the Empire together and now things are in chaos; every being for themselves.

Adrian Gable was on the wrong side; a commander in the villainous Imperial Fleet aboard the warship, The Supreme Eye of the Eternal Empire. With the fall of the Empire, Gable sets out on a quest bring some light to a universe fallen into worse darkness with the end of the evil Empire. [Read More…]


  1. Just a heads up, all the “read more” links on this page seem to be broken.

    More importantly, love the Rune Breaker books, got them from DriveThruFiction last year and I’ve probably read them through about 4 or 5 times. this brings me to the bold text on this page mentioning “Ere campaign setting”, does/will an RPG system and setting exist for Ere?
    That would be Awesome.

    And lastly, is Soul Battery still a thing that is going to happen?, or a standalone for Issacor and Faith Be Rewarded?

    Regards and encouragement,

    • whoops, delete the above after reading, probably should have sent that as an email, my bad.

    • This is what comment sections are for after all.

      Let’s see… first of all, this page was part of the old-old site and those links broke when I stopped using the plugin. I actually forgot it was here, so thanks for alerting me to it!

      Second, there is indeed a setting for Ere and there are some game elements for D&D 3.5e/4e available at worldofere.paradoxomni.net . I’m also working on WoE D20.

      Finally, yes indeed Soul Battery is happening! I’ll be finishing Book 1 this week and it will be on sale in December. The short Issacor’s Tale Live By the Sword will be out next year.

      Thanks for reading and a special thanks for reading via DriveThruFiction, my favorite sales channel to work with 🙂

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