Traceren Ridsekes has lived a life of privilege as a loreman; a man of worldly knowledge and the gift of weaving magic into word and song. He’s staked his trade in spinning tales of heroism and romance for the wealthy and sheltered and lives by a philosophy of doing as much good as is comfortable.

Now, a random act of altruism has intertwined his life with a that of real life heroine, Templar Magdalene Risewind. Forced to aid her in her mission for the Temple of the Goodly Morn, he finds his skills and worldview tested by a companion who doesn’t respect him, a wilderness that actively wants them dead, and a religious schism no one seems to want to explain, but which might send the world directly back into the dark age it just escaped.

Can a teller of legends step forward and take part in one? Will a man who makes his coin on secondhand bravery and sacrifice be able to muster any of his own?



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