Malady Place

Faust Investigations and Inquisitions is located in Suite Number 6 on the 6th floor at 1 Malady Place. It’s been in the Faust family since 1900, which is an impressive feat, considering the fact that the entire Faust family is one person. This decade, her name is Renee Faust and she’s one of the original fallen angels.

Being an immortal demon gets boring, so to fill her time, Renee has signed on with the Paranormal Investigations Division of the FBI. The job takes her all over; dealing with all walks of supernatural life. It’s a good gig for her, but her partners tend to die horribly.

The newest lamb to the slaughter is Winter Capshaw, a rookie FBI agent and neophyte mage. Knowing nothing about her new partner, Winter is in for a harsh awakening when she discovers that her new job description is less about running down leads and doing paperwork and more about being entertaining Renee and being her new best friend; whether she wants to or not.




E101 – “Meeting Miss Faust”

Renee Faust gets a new partner, one Miss Winter Capshaw. Winter hasn’t been briefed on exactly why it is that Renee is the only member of the Paranormal Division’s Chicago Branch, and Renee intends to have one hell of a time showing her.

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