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What is The Descendants?

The Descendants is the title of the main series in a family of web serial novels set in the Descendants Universe. It follows a group of individuals with supernatural powers (collectively known at the beginning of the series as psionics) following their discovery that they’ve been betrayed by the Psionics Training and Application and Academy, a school founded to train young psionics to use their powers for the good of their nation.

The series focuses on this group’s journey from a loose rabble of strangers to a surrogate family of heroes and their effect on the world around them.

What is a Web Serial Novel?

In days past, stories were published in magazines and trade publications in a chapter-by-chapter basis. These were called serials. Many celebrated authors, including Charles Dickens first presented some of their most famous works in this format.

With the advent of the internet, the format has been revived, most famously in the form of the webcomic, but serial prose on the internet has grown right alongside its sequential art cousin over the years and will only increase in prominence. Some even believe that web novels and self published e-books will be the future of the publishing industry in the not too distant future.

What is the Descendants Universe?

Most of the serials on this site take place in a setting called the Descendants Universe. It composes a world primarily taking place in the 2070’s. People with supernatural powers, called psionics exist, but so too do those who have enhanced themselves with cybernetic technology. It is a world of technological revolution and cultural change, where the forces of old tradition are no longer able to ignore those who were once on the fringe of society.

In the style of a comic book universe, each series is presented in Issues and organized into Volumes, Miniseries and One-shots. All entries in the DU are updated as they are written, and edited revised, edited and collected on the fly with final edits eventually being collected and published as light novels in e-book format for purchase.

Where should I start reading?

That really depends on how you prefer to approach the series. Descendants #0 is the most obvious beginning, but to experience the series as one would experience a true comic book universe, it’s just as valid to jump in with the first issue of any given volume or even the latest complete issue. The first issues of an offshoot series like Liedecker Institute, or a miniseries like The Whitecoat: Networked are also good choices for getting a feel for the DU.

When in doubt, you can consult the suggested reading order page.

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