Fanwork Policy

I support fanfiction and fanworks in other media as both an expression of appreciation for the original work, and as a form of creative expression.
Unfortunately, there are some occasionally thorny legal issues that surround the practice, one that has hurt other creators in the past.
Therefore, in order to protect myself and my work, I’m turning to Creative Commons. Fanfiction based on my work should be licensed as derivative, noncommercial fiction under the Creative Commons umbrella.

What does this mean?
  1. You can’t make money from fanfic based on my work.

  1. You need to post a disclaimer on your fanwork, like so: “The Descendants/Rune Breaker is copyright Landon Porter. This story is licensed under the Creative Commons as derivative, noncommercial fiction.” In doing so, you waive any rights to that work; I’m protected in case I write something similar to a fan work. Don’t worry about me filching—I have plenty of ideas.

  2. You can now freely talk about your fanwork in the comments or on the POE forum.

  3. I can occasionally solicit fanwork for contests or guest content.

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