Prepare Yourselves for the Return

While I hoped to have a full preview ready to show my loyal and long-suffering readers as a birthday gift from me to you, but that will have to wait for the weekend.

But rest assured I’m back and I’m going to start posting new stories.

There will be a few changes to how things are done in terms up update length and frequency, there’s also going to be New Descendants, New Ere stuff and all sorts of new short fiction as I give some ideas I’ve had a whirl.

Watch this spot. Those of you who still watch this site will have your faith in me rewarded.

About Vaal

Landon Porter is the author of The Descendants and Rune Breaker. Follow him on Twitter @ParadoxOmni or sign up for his newsletter. You can also purchase his books from all major platforms from the bookstore
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  1. Backstreet’s back! Alright!

    In seriousness though, glad you are still around. Looks like I’m going to have to do another read through of everything to prepare for the triumphant return. Not like that’ll be a problem with how fun your stories are!

  2. Good lord, the 3rd book of the soul battery serie ? Long awaited..finally or so I hope

  3. What a Fine Pirate Hug

    Holy shrimpaste!

  4. What a Fine Pirate

    I can’t wait for it to come back.

  5. It’s good to hear that you’re back. I didn’t expect to ever see this site updated again but I’m glad to be wrong.

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