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Descendants #102 – Tales of Consequence Chp. 4

This entry is part of 41 in the series Current

This entry is part of 41 in the series Current

“I know what you’re going to ask me.”

Lisa Ortega looked up from where she’d been absently stirring her coffee and ignoring the blackberry cobbler in front of her, startled. “I’m sorry, what? …I mean what makes you say I was going to ask anyway. We’re just having the same monthly lunch together we’ve been having for a while now.”

Across from her was Tatiana Farnsworth, he dear Aunt Tay—still in the body of Elise of Halfren. Even after months, it was still odd to Lisa to be talking to the rangy blonde knowing she’d once been her athletic, adventurous aunt.

“Are we?” Tatiana asked, forced to keep her voice low because, as usual, they were having their lunch in a quiet corner of a diner not far from the apartment The Descendants had set her up in following her liberation from the real Elise of Halfren—also known as Morganna.

Correction: formerly quiet. This being their first lunch since the revelation to the world that Lisa Ortega was Occult, they were now well aware that they were the covert center of attention. Every one in the diner seemed … Continue reading

Possibly No Update on 8/14

Hey guys.

So I have internet installation finally scheduled for this Thursday, but never trust an ISP about this stuff. If I don’t get internet this week, my new schedule at work is going to keep me from getting to the library to upload an update until next Wednesday, so there is a chance that there will be no update next Monday.

On the bright side, once I do have internet, things can start to get back to normal around here.

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Descendants #102 – Tales of Consequence Chp. 3

This entry is part 1 of 41 in the series Current

This entry is part 1 of 41 in the series Current

“It’s so good of you boys to come by to see him tonight. We’re interviewing new lab assistants over at the college, but… it didn’t feel right to leave him all alone after all that happened.” Atalaya Utt had just let Warrick and JC into the apartment she and her husband shared with their son, Kareem.

“Don’t you worry about Kareem,” JC said with a confident grin, “We’re here to make sure Kareem doesn’t get a chance to wallow in this whole mess that went down. Tonight is guys night and we’re going to have fun if it kills us.”

Warrick leaned easily against the kitchen counter, sipping the juice he’d been offered. “Maybe not if it kills us, but we’ll definitely do our level best.”

JC wouldn’t accept even the idea of defeat though. “Fun will be had. I guarantee.” He said the last part in a terrible Creole accent. “Your son is in good hands.”

“Then I leave it to you,” said Mrs. Utt, picking up her bag from the counter. “Again, thank you so much. You’re good friends.”

“We try,” said Warrick.

Once Kareem’s … Continue reading

Descendants #102 – Tales of Consequence Chp. 2

This entry is part 40 of 41 in the series Current

This entry is part 40 of 41 in the series Current

Christina Carlyle didn’t get to see her sisters often. Both were older than Tink and her brother by a good decade and lived overseas.

And frankly? She was fine with that.

While she couldn’t speak for Jacqueline, Janet seemed to be trying to remind her exactly why that was. Upon hearing that her sister not only had extraordinary powers but was a superhero and that a secret organization had threatened their family, Janet had hopped a plane across the Atlantic Ocean… to berate her about how inconvenient it was for her.

“…my biggest clients are French, Christie! They weren’t exactly happy to work with me in the first place because I’m an American. It took me years to build up this relationship and then you go and pull this nonsense?!”

Tink kept her arms crossed as she sat on her bed. She’d just been sullenly waiting for this ever since Janet walked in the door. It had been all smiles and hugs for their parents, semi-warm greetings for their brothers… and a quick squeeze of the shoulders and a ‘Christie, I think you’ve grown another inch’ for … Continue reading

Descendants #102 – Tales of Consequence Chp. 1

This entry is part 2 of 41 in the series Current

This entry is part 2 of 41 in the series Current

Cynthia MacAl— Cynthia Brant— thrived in a mess. Her room was a chaotic jumble even though she didn’t exactly need clothing to strew about the floor, her class schedule was all over the place by design, and nothing exhilarated her more than how her career as a superhero mean that there was no telling what was coming next. One day she was beating up random thugs, the next she was giving a psychic lobotomy to a parasite world in an alternate reality. It pleased her immensely to lock horns with the chaos of the world an wrestle it into submission.

Which was why she’d been kind of glad when she and her team got outed. Not that she wanted her friends’ family put in danger or anything, nor did she want her home nearly destroyed, but she’d expected the chaos to amp way up after that.

She hadn’t counted on her adoptive mother. Laurel had put the clamps down on all the places where the team was bleeding: putting everyone who still lived at Freeland House up at hotels, putting Lily in charge of fielding all the … Continue reading

The Delay is Good News This Time!

Okay guys, the first chapter of Descendants 102 – Tales of Consequence is a few pages from being done, but it’s not because of anything bad… mostly.

Thanks to the 4th of July, I had to work four ten hour shifts at my new job and didn’t get to write much. What I did get to write though is something I’m sure a lot of you were wondering when I’d get back to it: Soul Battery 3.

So one more week of delay, but for the best of reasons. Don’t worry, thinks will get back to normal. Even more normal once I get my next-next check and actually get a bed to replace my air matteress, which decided to spring a leak last night.

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Descendants Special #9 – Outted

This entry is part 39 of 41 in the series Current

This entry is part 39 of 41 in the series Current

“Are you sure this is the best way to take care of this?” Ian turned his costume’s visor over in his hands, feeling the weight more keenly than he usually did in the face of what they were discussing. Despite his protest, they were already past the point of no return seeing as the press conference had already been called and the mayor was providing his own press briefing room for them.

Laurel nodded. Her usual open posture replaced with crossed arms as she leaned against the wall. “We need to get out ahead of speculation and make sure the majority of the public is very clear on the fact that just because we’re superheroes, it doesn’t mean we’re not human. I’ve given everyone the option to back out—except Christina of course, seeing as she no longer has a choice.”

“It’s also a show of solidarity,” Alexis added. “We can’t let her got through this alone. So we’ll stand together and show a united front.”

Ian nodded. “Just trying one more time to see if there’s another way. I suppose there’s no magic spell in the Books … Continue reading

Descendants #101 – The Battle of Freeland House Chp.7

This entry is part 3 of 41 in the series Current

This entry is part 3 of 41 in the series Current

A dozen ROCIC carriers had were landed all across the Freeland House lawns as agents worked with MPD officers to disarm and round up the Moreau Corps soldiers. At least thirty had been left behind when TOME pulled its forces out, along with a handful of injured inugami whose self-destruct mechanisms hadn’t detonated them whether by error or because those devices had been destroyed.

“Looks like they did a number on your house, Miss Brant.” Jonathan Edward Tyler, aka Prometheus came to stand beside Codex who was watching as ROCIC agents worked to haul Kali and Beowulf out of the freshly discovered Freeland House basement.

Her visor was open since there was no point in trying to hide her identity anymore, and the expression it revealed was unreadable. “Interesting bit of symmetry. This all started when you destroyed Ian’s house, now you’re at mine after someone tried to destroy it.” She turned to face him fully. “What brings you here anyway? The last I heard, you were helping assemble the president’s Superhuman Affairs agency.”

“I am. You wouldn’t believe how much time’s been wasted by the politicians … Continue reading

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