Changing Course

I always like to point out that there is a covenant between me the writer and you the readers.

Most of this year, I’ve been failing to uphold my part of that. It’s only been recently though that I’ve really sat down and asked myself why.

It’d be easy to blame my work; it’s draining and monotonous and keeps me from devoting the thought I need into my writing. But let’s be honest: up until this February, that didn’t stop me from producing. Hell, I’ve have more time and less stress in my life thanks to having a car now, so that’s just an excuse.

I could also blame that fact that I’ve gone from playing in one game and running another to playing in three and running one recently. But RP has always invigorated me instead of detracting from my work.

No, after some thought, it came to me that… well I haven’t been happy with what I’ve been producing lately.

You see, the current arc is not one I’ve really enjoyed writing. Against all the advice and thought I’ve put on this blog, I fell into the same lazy, rushed trap I blame on most terrible writing. And … Continue reading

Oh Vaal, Where Art Thou? (where I’ve been)

I’m sure you’ve all been wondering what the hell is going on with updates to the site this month.


Short story: I’ve been recovering from a nasty flu without really any opportunity to recover at all with my job.


Long story: I work for one of the dumbest companies on Earth. So basically, my schedule got changed so I no longer have two days in a row off. If you’ve ever worked this schedule, you know that it lets you get nothing done and you have no time to relax.

The reason for this was told to us as that our call volume was going to dip in the next few weeks after the change. This despite the volume being way up because… reasons. I signed an NDA, so I can’t tell.

Anyway, they then immediately gave us a WHOLE MONTH of an extra hour of overtime because call volume was so high. Yes.

So the day this started, I got the flu. I only took one day off and suffered the rest of the week with only one day of rest. I’m still not feeling good, plus I just don’t have time off to rest and sleep … Continue reading

The money was too good. I got stupid.

So I’ve accepted a commission to write a short story for a fan of Rune Breaker. I can’t go into detail, but it’s 20k words and I have to have it delivered by Christmas.

That means no update this week and possibly next depending on when I get done. Normally, I politely refuse commissions because they’re usually $20 for again 20k or more words, but let’s just say someone is paying for my friends’ Christmas presents so I write theirs. Couldn’t say no with a car payment and way too expensive insurance on the horizon.

So Happy holidays folks! I’m not on vacation, but I won’t really be around for about a week.

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So I just got blindsided by mandatory overtime on what’s meant to be my day off this week, so I need to do some life business during my scant 4 hours of peace the next two nights. No update this week.

Apparently, this is the the last overtime of the year, so maybe just maybe I can get on schedule after this.

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New Schedule Incoming

As you’ve all no doubt noticed, my schedule has been very shaky these past few months. This week’s update for example will probably be up sometime Tuesday. If I’m able to get a chapter out on Monday morning, it’s a miracle. I’m going to change the update day in the coming weeks.

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