Emergency Delay

I know you folks are tired of my delays, but this one is very serious.

I had a serious health scare this week. I spent four days in the hospital, which if you’re familiar with America’s healthcare system, you will know will almost invariably destroy me financially even before the long term care I will need. Working as intended.

So I’ve had a lot of a lot this week and hopefully, I’ll be back on schedule for next week

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No Update This Week

I am currently transitioning to working at home for my day job. Things should be back to normal next week with the next story ‘The New Dark’.

I’m experimenting with the format as I return to writing the series; hence the 10 chapter issue. Just keep leaving feedback so I know what’s working and what’s not.

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Coming Soon…

The Return of the Descendants

The Descendants are back! With the threat of Maeve and her armies, the superheroes of Earth are preparing in every way possible; from seeking out the scattered artifacts revealed by Avalon to tapping the captured tools of their foes like the Yellow World fragments and especially the Four books. But the villains aren’t going to wait around themselves: Simon Talbot makes a big move while Liedecker takes a new tact: running for mayor of Mayfield!

New Ere Fiction

Runebreaker isn’t the only tale from the World of Ere. And while the OG of Ere is coming back in a big way, so are other stories: Strawberries and Saltpeter tells the story of how the Grandmother and Grandfather of the Winter Willow Clan met and came together. Not Your Saint George adapts my fanfiction of the same name; a story of how a wannabe knight meets the world’s least threatening dragon in a tale of conartistry and romance. And Finally the Griffinseye Files recalls a short story I once wrote about a fantasy James Bond working for the secret group working to maintain the Thirteen Nations Accord.

Prepare Yourselves for the Return

While I hoped to have a full preview ready to show my loyal and long-suffering readers as a birthday gift from me to you, but that will have to wait for the weekend.

But rest assured I’m back and I’m going to start posting new stories.

There will be a few changes to how things are done in terms up update length and frequency, there’s also going to be New Descendants, New Ere stuff and all sorts of new short fiction as I give some ideas I’ve had a whirl.

Watch this spot. Those of you who still watch this site will have your faith in me rewarded.

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When it rains it pours.

So I’m going to have to reinstall wordpress on the server to fix the old problem, but that’s no longer the biggest problem I’ve got.

Not one month after I got promoted, my project is going to be ended in December and I’m at risk of being laid off. While I’m still working right now, I’m going to have to focus on looking for another job (assuming I don’t get put on a new project) and on getting the World of Ere RPG ready for Kickstarter.

I’m sorry I haven’t been giving you guys the content you deserve, but… 2018 has been almost as bad as 2017 for me to be honest.

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