So I just got blindsided by mandatory overtime on what’s meant to be my day off this week, so I need to do some life business during my scant 4 hours of peace the next two nights. No update this week.

Apparently, this is the the last overtime of the year, so maybe just maybe I can get on schedule after this.

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New Schedule Incoming

As you’ve all no doubt noticed, my schedule has been very shaky these past few months. This week’s update for example will probably be up sometime Tuesday. If I’m able to get a chapter out on Monday morning, it’s a miracle. I’m going to change the update day in the coming weeks.

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Possibly No Update on 8/14

Hey guys.

So I have internet installation finally scheduled for this Thursday, but never trust an ISP about this stuff. If I don’t get internet this week, my new schedule at work is going to keep me from getting to the library to upload an update until next Wednesday, so there is a chance that there will be no update next Monday.

On the bright side, once I do have internet, things can start to get back to normal around here.

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The Delay is Good News This Time!

Okay guys, the first chapter of Descendants 102 – Tales of Consequence is a few pages from being done, but it’s not because of anything bad… mostly.

Thanks to the 4th of July, I had to work four ten hour shifts at my new job and didn’t get to write much. What I did get to write though is something I’m sure a lot of you were wondering when I’d get back to it: Soul Battery 3.

So one more week of delay, but for the best of reasons. Don’t worry, thinks will get back to normal. Even more normal once I get my next-next check and actually get a bed to replace my air matteress, which decided to spring a leak last night.

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Another Delay

Sorry folks. This time was a simple issue of not having internet access to get the new chapter uploaded. I’m typing this with my phone.

Don’t worry, updates will resume next week.

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