The Worst Anime I have Ever Seen

So during the four months I was living in motels looking for a home, my only solace was the free high-speed wi-fi and the various free streaming services. I’ve watched a lot of stuff. I’m even up to date on modern shows I wanted to watch like The Flash, Supergirl, the Librarians, etc.

And I’ve watched a lot of anime. Lots. Like so much anime.

The thing about anime is that it’s a mine field. Saying you’re going to watch some anime is like saying you’re going to watch live action western television: there are so many different genres and styles and brands of humor and drama that you could get anything just picking up a random series. Add in certain proclivities not necessarily in Japanese culture but in the anime and manga culture, and one wrong step and you can be deep in weird-ass panty-sniffing, underaged-girl-obsessed terrible. Even a lot of good or even great shows often have way too much jiggle and fan service.

And if you’re a fan of the medium, you build up a certain tolerance to all that. Otherwise you’ll miss out on some real gems like A Certain Magical Index or Spice and Wolf, … Continue reading

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