WoED20 – Skills

One of the reasons I loved playing rogues in my early days of D&D was the fact that the rogue and ONLY the rogue actually had enough skill points to be good at things that weren’t stabbing or magic. (bards didn’t get an increase until later).

In 3rd Edition D&D, skills were determined by a number of points you got to spend each level based on your class, intelligence or whether you were a human or not. For reference, there were something like 30 skills to choose from and most classes got four—FOUR–points per level and some classes had to spend double points to get so-called ‘cross-class skills (a rant on them later).

Rogues got 8 points, and even then that wasn’t enough because Spot, Listen, Hide and Move Silent were all separate skills you had to buy. So just to be a half-way competent scout, you were already down four skills and you could not skim, because an enemy could spot you but not hear you, meaning you had to ace two skill rolls.

Add to that the fact that by the rules, you needed points in perform, craft or profession to be able to not suck and fail … Continue reading

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