Emergency Delay

I know you folks are tired of my delays, but this one is very serious.

I had a serious health scare this week. I spent four days in the hospital, which if you’re familiar with America’s healthcare system, you will know will almost invariably destroy me financially even before the long term care I will need. Working as intended.

So I’ve had a lot of a lot this week and hopefully, I’ll be back on schedule for next week

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  1. Ow. It’s that bad? I thought Americans just paid huge amounts for health insurance to avoid the dangers of their health system.

    • It’s a self-reinforcing thing. Hospitals/medicine are expensive so people buy health insurance and insurance prices rise->everyone buys insurance so hospitals tack on more fees and raise medicine prices->more people buy insurance->medical prices rise->etc.

    • This assumes a) your employer offers something that’s not garbage and b) that you can afford to pay for that garbage insurance.

  2. Hope you recover soon, both health-wise and financial-wise.

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