New Schedule Coming Soon

Okay, folks. So the fact is, a Monday update when I work Sunday and game Monday night is not the best idea and on top of my new position is responsible for the biweekly release schedule I’m providing right now.

Plus, I really want to get back to telling the other stories on this site (Remember Liedecker Institute?) and doing my blog, so I’m going to announce a major change in how I do updates going forward. Hint: it’s how things used to be waaay back ten years ago when I started.

Oh, and thanks to Patreon, there’s also going to be more Ere material incoming.

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Changing Course

I always like to point out that there is a covenant between me the writer and you the readers.

Most of this year, I’ve been failing to uphold my part of that. It’s only been recently though that I’ve really sat down and asked myself why.

It’d be easy to blame my work; it’s draining and monotonous and keeps me from devoting the thought I need into my writing. But let’s be honest: up until this February, that didn’t stop me from producing. Hell, I’ve have more time and less stress in my life thanks to having a car now, so that’s just an excuse.

I could also blame that fact that I’ve gone from playing in one game and running another to playing in three and running one recently. But RP has always invigorated me instead of detracting from my work.

No, after some thought, it came to me that… well I haven’t been happy with what I’ve been producing lately.

You see, the current arc is not one I’ve really enjoyed writing. Against all the advice and thought I’ve put on this blog, I fell into the same lazy, rushed trap I blame on most terrible writing. And … Continue reading

The money was too good. I got stupid.

So I’ve accepted a commission to write a short story for a fan of Rune Breaker. I can’t go into detail, but it’s 20k words and I have to have it delivered by Christmas.

That means no update this week and possibly next depending on when I get done. Normally, I politely refuse commissions because they’re usually $20 for again 20k or more words, but let’s just say someone is paying for my friends’ Christmas presents so I write theirs. Couldn’t say no with a car payment and way too expensive insurance on the horizon.

So Happy holidays folks! I’m not on vacation, but I won’t really be around for about a week.

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The Delay is Good News This Time!

Okay guys, the first chapter of Descendants 102 – Tales of Consequence is a few pages from being done, but it’s not because of anything bad… mostly.

Thanks to the 4th of July, I had to work four ten hour shifts at my new job and didn’t get to write much. What I did get to write though is something I’m sure a lot of you were wondering when I’d get back to it: Soul Battery 3.

So one more week of delay, but for the best of reasons. Don’t worry, thinks will get back to normal. Even more normal once I get my next-next check and actually get a bed to replace my air matteress, which decided to spring a leak last night.

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The Return

I want to thank everyone who commented or emailed me after hearing my sad news.

You’ve all convinced me of the value of what I’m doing and I will be getting back on the horse. Patrons will be getting the next chapter of the series on Memorial Day, there will be a blog entry the following Friday, and the next new Descendants will go up for everyone the Monday after.

Again thank you so much for your support and patience during my time of grief.

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In Remembrance of Barbara Porter, Loving Mother and Friend

If you’ve followed this site for very long, you will know that my mother has been a huge influence on not only me, but my work. Her stories inspired me to tell stories. Her encouragement led me to start this site. Her presence is part of the reason why I focus so much on creating female characters with heart and meaning.

Unfortunately, if you follow this site, you also know that my mother has suffered a long string of misfortunes, usually with only this single son at her side. I know you know because this wonderful little community we’ve built here has been so incredibly supportive and kind to me throughout; from her hospitalizations and diagnosis of congestive heart failure years ago, to her gall bladder rupture last year, to the essential theft of her home by a predatory mortgage company also during that time and our subsequent move halfway across the country only to end up moving from motel to motel.

Last month, we found an apartment and I thought the parade of disasters was over. I thought I’d been able to see my mother through all the hardship and could hope to start something better.

I was wrong.

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