In Remembrance of Barbara Porter, Loving Mother and Friend

If you’ve followed this site for very long, you will know that my mother has been a huge influence on not only me, but my work. Her stories inspired me to tell stories. Her encouragement led me to start this site. Her presence is part of the reason why I focus so much on creating female characters with heart and meaning.

Unfortunately, if you follow this site, you also know that my mother has suffered a long string of misfortunes, usually with only this single son at her side. I know you know because this wonderful little community we’ve built here has been so incredibly supportive and kind to me throughout; from her hospitalizations and diagnosis of congestive heart failure years ago, to her gall bladder rupture last year, to the essential theft of her home by a predatory mortgage company also during that time and our subsequent move halfway across the country only to end up moving from motel to motel.

Last month, we found an apartment and I thought the parade of disasters was over. I thought I’d been able to see my mother through all the hardship and could hope to start something better.

I was wrong.

My mother passed away this past week, leaving behind a sense of profound loss and uncertainty.

I tell you this not to ask for sympathy, but to ask you to understand why, so soon after my return, I’m going to have to take a couple more weeks off. Arrangements have to be made, complicated by the fact that I have to go through the city for help because we spent everything getting the apartment and paying this month’s rent and I have to find a job to make next month’s. Plus I’m just not in a place right now to do right by the current storyline especially giving voice to an upbeat character like Chords and writing about the endangered family members at the Tome base.

I promise I will return again, even if my future right now is uncertain. Don’t worry about me; I’ve spent the last week with friends, who have helped me keep it together. If you do wish to help, you can do so through Patreon and Paypal (the paypal email is the same as the contact email).

Thanking you one more time for your patience and support,

Landon Porter.

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Landon Porter is the author of The Descendants and Rune Breaker. Follow him on Twitter @ParadoxOmni or sign up for his newsletter. You can also purchase his books from all major platforms from the bookstore
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  1. Hey Vaal. It’s EmperorJustin, from FO. I hadn’t heard from you for a while and going through the writing thread made me think of you, and look you up.

    I’m so sorry for your loss, man. My own Mom supported me and my art a lot when I was growing up too. I can’t imagine what you’re going through.

    I wish there was something I could say to help, but look, if you just wanna spitball, vent, or talk about nothing with somebody, I’m here for you.

    This is me on FB:
    Or you can just e-mail me:

    I hope you and your family can pull together and get through this. Best wishes, man.

  2. I don’t know what to say except my condolences to you.

  3. I am so sorry for your loss. Take care of yourself, man.

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