Expanded Book Availability

My Descendants books and A Girl and Her Monster are now available at new venues such as Barnes and Noble, Kobo, iTunes, and DriveThru Fiction with more to come hopefully. visit the bookstore to find out which books are available where and at what prices.

Descendants Collection 1 and A Girl and Her Monster are also now free at select venues.

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Problems With the Descendants Book 2 Contest

Due to a bad plugin, I haven’t been receiving mail through it since February. Unfortunately, that means that if you submitted an entry to the contest before April 2, it didn’t reach me. You can easily resubmit by sending it to me directly at: soulfulbard >AT< gmail >DOT< com.

If you haven’t entered yet, you can find the rules and modified entry instructions here.

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Front Page Update

Just a notice that there have been some changes to make the site more usable.

The Latest Story and Latest Article sections are up top now because that’s what most people care about. News has been moved down below like it would be on a webcomic site. Support links are now part of the front page instead of cluttering up the menu.

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