Why There Was No Update Last Week

Dear Fans and Friends of Descendantsserial.com,

Considering the fact that I pride myself on maintaining a consistent update schedule, I felt that an explanation for last weekend is in order.


As you probably know, Winter Storm Jonas struck the Eastern United States Friday into the wee hours of Sunday.  If you’ve been following my blog posts, you might also know, I have an elderly mother and live in a part of my state that thinks burying power lines is devil magic. Seeing as we have electric heaters… you can see how poorly this could have gone for us.


Luckily, thanks to the purchases and donations of people just like you, I had the money to grab literally he last hotel room in town to park us in. Now this time, I did have my laptop and dropbox access, but at the same time, I was using those to fretfully watch the weather and keep us entertained thanks to the magic of basic cables suckiness on weekends.


Plus with the stress and no sleep (the last room as a single king bed, so my bed was the arm chair in the room), I got zero writing done and this would have killed my buffer. Thus, I hope you’ll be so kind as to understand the lack of update Sunday and on the forums.


I had to literally dig into my house yesterday, so my arms are noodles of pain and sadness, but starting tomorrow, I will be back to action on all fronts, including getting back into blog posts and social media. That’s right, @Paradoxomni will return to twitter tonight at midnight, possibly full of jokes about those terrorists that took over the Oregon wildlife refuge and their craven cowardice and the idiocy of all the believe in and hold dear.

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  1. Those nuts in cowboy hats are yesterdays news, thankfully. Making big threats then being crushed easily should see them forgotten in short order.

    Anyway, good to see you back.

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