Navigation Upgrades Are Underway

You might notice that the little banners that link all the Volumes and minis to each other are missing. This is because the plugin that makes them tripped a fatal error that took the site offline. As such, I’m instituting a workaround that I think will make things work better and more unified than before.

Vols. 1-3 are fixed as of this update, but the entire main series can now be accessed from the Back Issues page without further click-throughs I expect to have the fixes done by the weekend.

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Forum Registrations Have Been Fixed!

At least half a dozen people signed up for the forums this past week and apparently got nowhere. I should have noticed earlier, but SMF had been set to not notify me after the most recent spam attack. I’ve fixed that now and if you recently signed up for the forums, you are now activated and can tool around the forums, participating in and starting threads as is your wont. You can also sign up for the forum game.

Sorry for any inconvenience. I’d promise this wouldn’t happen again… but internet.

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We’re Being Silly On the Forums!

For about a week, there’s been a new game on the forums and this one doesn’t involve any rules at all! Instead we’re roleplaying as posters on the DU’s PrelateWatch website and all the weird, interesting and fannish things that would go on there, from trolling to shipping to flame wars. Come join in the fun!

In other forum news, a new Play-by-Post game is coming, this time using the completely free Mutants and Masterminds rules. The game will take place in Quinn Bluffs, Florida and the players will be an all-new prelate team assembled in the wake of the Braddock Island breakout. Watch this space for a link to the sign-ups.

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Rune Breaker IV: Evil Unto Evil Is Now On Sale

This is it folks, the finale of the Rune Breaker saga I started on this site two years ago. Book 4, Evil Unto Evil, is now available at:

Amazon / B&N / Kobo

DriveTrue Fiction and iTunes editions will be available soon! You might want to get it now instead of waiting for it to update on the site, because the last chapter won’t show up here until some time in 2015! (EUE is 19 chapters long and RB updates 1 chapter/month). Also, there is a book-only bonus scene at the end that I know you’ll want to read.

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News: The Good, the Bad and the Awesome

There are a number of things that have come up this week that warrant a news post, so I’m combining all of them. Click on the title to see news concerning:

– a new moderation policy for comments (to help fight spam)

– the next Rune Breaker book in paperback

– how you can help make A Girl and Her Monster (Rune Breaker, #1) and Descendants Collection 01: We Could Be Heroes free in your country’s store.

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The Big (Three) O



Today is my 30th birthday! You may now call me Ancient Vaal or Vaal the Elder.  Anyway, there’s a bonus article up today and you can feel free to use this page’s comment or the forum to wish me a happy birthday.

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