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Hey guys, January was a mire of chaos from which nothing shall escape, so I’m declaring the new year starting in February this year. I’ve got a few books that should be coming out soon, and other plans going around in my head.

One thing I’d like to do though is direct your attention to the Patreon link in the sidebar there. Here’s the deal: It’s not free to feed and clothe a spec-fic writer. We tend to be big fat guys who require regular books and movies to keep our creative juices flowing. The books are doing well, but I’m still not quite at the point where they can’ support me alone. With your help and Patreon, I can quit my normal job and do this full time.

Not that you won’t get anything for it. If you pledge $2, you will get a PDF of the next week’s chapter of The Descendants in your email every week for a month. For $5, you will get the same type of preview for ALL my weekly updates. For $10, you will get a free copy of every ebook I release that month. And for $25, you will get all that plus a signed copy of any one print book I have out (and yes, I’m going to start doing new print books again).

And as I reach monthly goals, I’ll be making the site bigger and better. With a steady $50 a month, I can get satellite internet hooked up out here and will be able to do a weekly podcast, run Skype games and live chat with you guys. If I get a steady $150 a month, I will get some of my voice acting friends together and do a radio drama miniseries!

Of course, there is no obligation on your part. This site will always have free stories and I will still love all my readers for being awesome regardless of what I make off this. I just want to do better, reach more people and make this thing I love the thing that sustains me. I’d appreciate anything you guys can do to help that!

About Vaal

Landon Porter is the author of The Descendants and Rune Breaker. Follow him on Twitter @ParadoxOmni or sign up for his newsletter. You can also purchase his books from all major platforms from the bookstore
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  1. Should mention that for mobile readers the patreon link is down lower on the page, below the comments.

    It’s probably irrelevant to anyone reading this newspost, but for other people who stumble upon your patreon page from elsewhere it could help if it had more information. Links to/summaries of the different series both exclusively on the site and published volumes on Amazon or Smashwords. Covers, reviews, all that sort of attention grabbing thing.

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