Issue #48 – Inexorable

This entry is part 14 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 4: Confluence

Morganna’s Knight Inexorable is unleashed. His name means ‘unstoppable’ and it’s anything but a hollow boast. Can the Descendants and Occult come together to form an immovable object before someone loses their life? They might need a little help with this one.

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Issue #47 – Everyday People

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 4: Confluence

Comic Book Heroes Part I
Descendants Appreciation Day draws near, and the residents of Freeland House aren’t the only psionics/descendants in Mayfield who are gearing up to observe it. Get to know the average, ordinary people of Mayfield who just happen to be possessed of superhuman abilities and find out what the event means to them.

Plus, Morganna’s plans come to fruition: the Knight Inexorable rises, and you won’t believe who he is. Part 1 of Comic Book Heroes.

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Issue #34: Back to School

This entry is part 11 of 14 in the series The Descendants Vol 3: A Bright, Bright Summer

The younger Descendants hit the books once more while Laurel and Alexis start their new jobs at the Liedecker Institute. This leave Ian standing alone when a new bevy of criminals starts making a scene in Mayfield with knockoffs of the Descendants’ own powers!

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Descendants Special #2: Promenade

This entry is part 9 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 2: Magic and Machines

It’s time for the junior prom for the youngest of our heroes. Expect romance, schoolyard scheming, and… dark portents of things to come? Now it’s a party.

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Issue #17: Freaque

This entry is part 5 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 2: Magic and Machines

The Devil Came Down to Mayfield Part 1. Something deadly stalks Mayfield and it’s very existence is lending fuel to the Reverend Stiles’s anti-psionic campaign. The Descendants spring into action to hunt down this threat, but the threat hits close to home when it attacks Warrick’s girlfriend and seems to have ties with his ex.

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Issue #15: Never Simple

This entry is part 3 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 2: Magic and Machines

The Valentine’s Day dance is fast approaching and Warrick is looking for a date… without much success. And even when he manages to get one, he and his friends are going to have to go through a small army of less than typical cyborgs just to get there on time! In love, as in life, things are never simple.

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Issue #7: Legacy of One

This entry is part 8 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 1: Welcome to Freeland House

Morganna returns and this time, she’s gunning for Vincent Liedecker. Lifesavers, Inc (and their temporary caretakers) are caught in the crossfire between magic and the mob with the public left in serious danger. And what exactly is this Book of Reason Morganna wants so badly? Mystic Spiral Finale.

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