LI: Generations Aflame #15

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series Lidecker Institute Volume 3: Generations Aflame

The girls are home and in one piece, but they are by no means safe!  St. John Duvall is hatching an even bigger plot and Liedecker is prepping a bigger counter. At the conclusion of Generations Aflame, it looks like things are just getting started for the Liedecker Institute!

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LI: Generations Aflame #14

This entry is part 14 of 15 in the series Lidecker Institute Volume 3: Generations Aflame

The girls of Liedecker Academy have faced some strange and dangerous situations before, but this takes the cake! A deadly avalanche is bearing down on them and it looks like it’s going to be all up to Maya to save the day!

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Casts Songs: Villains Edition

Some time ago, I wrote a blog on image songs and assigned them to the core cast of Descendants. In the interest of retreading the same old thing with a new face, I’m doing the same again with some of the series’s iconic bad guys.

Vincent Liedecker – Johnny Cash – Man in Black

Though remembered as a country singer, Johnny Cash was way more of a rock star, especially when you look at the messages in his songs. Mercy Seat is anti-death penalty for example, far more progressive than what most would think of when they think ‘country. The same can be said of Man in Black, a protest song advocating for the poor, downtrodden and victims of injustice.

In a superhero comic context, it isn’t hard to see another allegory in the song; the classic story of a hero who needs to be seen as a villain for the public’s own good. And from his point of view, this is the story of Vincent Liedecker.

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Vorpal: Gyre and Gimble #1

This entry is part 1 of 7 in the series Vorpal: Gyre and Gimble

You’ve seen hints. You’ve heard rumors. Now learn the truth. What made an normal girl into Vorpal? The answer comes with the answer to another great untold story of the Descendants Universe: What happened ten years ago between the US and Brazil? The answers start here.

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