Making the Rules Part 2: A Little Bit of Magic

Believe it or not, you and I, gentle reader, have an agreement.

Oh, you may not remember making this contract with me, but believe me, you did. Not only that, but you’ve probably made this same contract with dozens if not hundreds of other writers, directors, producers, and actors in your time. And no matter how many times you have, it always went a little something like ours. In case the details are a little fuzzy, I’ll lay it out for you:

The moment you clicked the link that brought you to this page (or in the case of our test audiences here at Paradox-Omni Entertainment, the moment Billy Two-Ton and Joey ‘Thumbtacks’ ambushed them in an alley, resulting in them waking up with their eyelids mechanically pried open in front of a screen), I told you, by way of words like ‘superhero’, ‘story’ and ‘fiction’ that my intention was to lie to you for five pages every Monday and Wednesday with variable length lies on Fridays. I was just going to back a dump truck full of bullshit up to you and unload at will.

And you said okay to this because that’s pretty much what fiction is run … Continue reading

Dawn of a New Age

Every two weeks, I drive thirty miles to the nearest quality comic shop to pick up my pulls. The place is a little cluttered, a little crowded, but a far cry from the dank pick of the unwashed and socially maladjusted anti-nerd types (most of whom are other nerds, but that’s a different blog post) like to paint them as.

I don’t get much time to hang out there, but I usually end up having one conversation while I’m there; usually about non-comics topics, oddly enough. But this week, it dawned on use just how unbelievably good comics have been lately.

True, there have been some face-plants: DC’s debut of Red Hood and the Outlaws, comes instantly to mind, but in general, there’s been a sudden, inexplicable rise in quality of late. Where before, many of us found ourselves hanging on to multiple series in the hopes that they would get good because we like the setup or the characters, suddenly we’re excited about the titles themselves again, talking about how great the writing and story and characterization is.

Normally, I would arrange my comics so I get the comics in danger of being cut from my pulls out of … Continue reading

Character Focus: Warrick Kaine

Welcome to a new feature that will be popping up in the blog posts from time to time: Character Focus. This is where I talk a little bit about the conception and development of different characters from my works and after this one, it will be driven by popular demand, so if you’ve got a favorite character and want me to talk about them, just let me know on the forums or in the comments and I’ll make it happen.

This week, we’ll start with the original Descendants character: Warrick Kaine. Now, some of you have read my old blog and know that Chaos and Darkness both existed years before the Descendants, but it’s important to know that when they were created, Chaos and Darkness did have the same codenames, but their powers were vastly different (Darkness’s powers were acidic, Chaos had a lot of fire powers), and they were both just alter egos of myself and whatever girl I had a crush on at the time. So they don’t count.

Warrick counts though, because he started it all. Somewhere about 2006, I was invited to play in a Marvel Universe HERO System game set in the Xavier Institute.

Before … Continue reading

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