Character Focus: Warrick Kaine

Welcome to a new feature that will be popping up in the blog posts from time to time: Character Focus. This is where I talk a little bit about the conception and development of different characters from my works and after this one, it will be driven by popular demand, so if you’ve got a favorite character and want me to talk about them, just let me know on the forums or in the comments and I’ll make it happen.

This week, we’ll start with the original Descendants character: Warrick Kaine. Now, some of you have read my old blog and know that Chaos and Darkness both existed years before the Descendants, but it’s important to know that when they were created, Chaos and Darkness did have the same codenames, but their powers were vastly different (Darkness’s powers were acidic, Chaos had a lot of fire powers), and they were both just alter egos of myself and whatever girl I had a crush on at the time. So they don’t count.

Warrick counts though, because he started it all. Somewhere about 2006, I was invited to play in a Marvel Universe HERO System game set in the Xavier Institute.

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Issue #28: The Beach Episode

This entry is part 4 of 14 in the series The Descendants Vol 3: A Bright, Bright Summer

Even heroes need a vacation and inspired by his last adventure, Warrick takes Tink to the beach for an all day date. It seems they’re not the only ones with the same idea. Snackrifice’s members, plus Cyn, Alexis and Ian are there too. Will Warrick and Tink mange to get any alone time at all?

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