Descendants: LA Annual #2 – Copacetic

This entry is part 13 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 2

The two teams of Descendants finally have some time to talk things through, but as they do, we finally meet the dread Zales as he plots his next move.

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Descendants: LA #22 – Wolverine Publicity (Part 4)

This entry is part 10 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 2

The combined teams come face-to-face with the deadly monster behind the fire and it proves to be no walk n the park to defeat. Only through teamwork and ingenuity will our heroes be able to best this beast before it brings the whole building down around them.

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Descendants: LA #21 – Wolverine Publicity (Part 3)

This entry is part 9 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 2

The Mayfield Descendants agree to teach their LA counterparts everything they know about being independent heroes. And they get a chance to show it off in the field with a building fire. Only this fire might not be the run of the mill emergency it appears to be…

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Descendants: LA #19 – Wolverine Publicity (Part 1)

This entry is part 7 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 2

The long-awaited moment has arrived! West meets east as Alloy, Facsimile and Ephemeral guest star in the latest storyline from Descendants: LA!

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Descendants: LA #18 – Fiends and Falsehood Part 6

This entry is part 6 of 13 in the series Descendants: LA Volume 2

Now that they know the truth, the Descendants LA members must decide what to do with it. But that might be complicated as someone on the other side of the country has their own suspicions.

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Cast Songs: Descendants Edition

It’s kind of a thing among amateur writers to cast their characters as if they were making a movie. It’s a fun, harmless little bit of day dreaming, and can actually help to flesh out the character by giving you a base to work on. And it insulates us from the cold, harsh reality of the fact that we don’t get to make that description and no matter who we want, any young non-buff, non-hearthtrob male will be played by Shia Lebouf.

I’m not really good at this game. Literally everyone in the world knows more about actors than I do. People always end up with a list of people from obscure cable shows and art-house movies and I’m left with a list composed mostly of people who get their names on posters for movies uncultured everydudes like me see.

But I am a voice acting buff, so I can and have cast Descendants: The Animated Series. Maybe I should have made this post about that. Oh well.

Anyway, I recently read somewhere that Tita Kubo, creator of the anime series Bleach, assigned theme songs to every member of his very large principle cast and I thought it was an … Continue reading

Issue #49 – George

This entry is part 1 of 14 in the series The Descendants Vol 5: How the World Changes

For years, a mysterious figure named George has watched over the Descendants, lending the occasional aide and respite with little being known about him. Now, George has come to visit the Descendants and he’s bringing with him the answer to one of the longest held secrets of The Descendants!

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Descendants Annual #4

This entry is part 15 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 4: Confluence

The confluence of events seen in Volume 4 might seem random, but the lead-up is not quite over. But before the Descendants Universe plunges into Volume 5, there’s still the aftermath of Inexorable to worry about. One thing is certain: everything that came before was just the opening act.

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Issue #48 – Inexorable

This entry is part 14 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 4: Confluence

Morganna’s Knight Inexorable is unleashed. His name means ‘unstoppable’ and it’s anything but a hollow boast. Can the Descendants and Occult come together to form an immovable object before someone loses their life? They might need a little help with this one.

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