Issue #47 – Everyday People

This entry is part 13 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 4: Confluence

Comic Book Heroes Part I
Descendants Appreciation Day draws near, and the residents of Freeland House aren’t the only psionics/descendants in Mayfield who are gearing up to observe it. Get to know the average, ordinary people of Mayfield who just happen to be possessed of superhuman abilities and find out what the event means to them.

Plus, Morganna’s plans come to fruition: the Knight Inexorable rises, and you won’t believe who he is. Part 1 of Comic Book Heroes.

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Rise of Morganna #5

This entry is part 5 of 7 in the series Rise of Morganna

(This chapter takes place during the events of Descendants #11 and #12)

Wales, Winter Solstice, 1130 A.D.

Elise cast her baleful gaze at the roaring bonfire, which was surrounded by joyous revelers welcoming in the solstice. The fire promised much more gratifying warmth than the feeble cook fire she was warming herself next to, but the cunning peoples cavorting around it promised to be nothing but sources of useless banter and endless titles.

Agnes and Mary taught her that sabbats were important gatherings during which the cunning folk; witches and wizards and enchanters and the like, shared information and news of the world. The one that took place in tandem with the winter solstice was the most important sabbat of the year, one where practitioners from the Dark Continent, the Steppes and Arabia would be in attendance.

However, as it turned out, the sabbat seemed to only be an excuse for those with magic to cavort without having to conceal their abilities. Casual and practical magic was used with impunity here; nothing that could be done with magic was done by hand.

It was all terribly boring to Elise. And more than that, it was frustrating. She had mastered all … Continue reading

Rise of Morganna #4

This entry is part 4 of 7 in the series Rise of Morganna

(This chapter takes place during the events of Descendants #11 and #12)

North of Wales, Winter, 1130 A.D.

There was a knock at the door. Mary glanced toward it and briefly let her senses dance over the person behind it. It was an entirely unnecessary exercise as only two people would be at her door, but it was an old habit and she had no reason to break it.

“Enter, dear Agnes.” She said a scant second after the knock. She didn’t look up from the saddlebag she was packing when her long time friend and confidant entered, bringing a warm breeze from the fireplace in the main room with her.

“We need to speak.” said Agnes with an air of dire importance.

“Good morn, Agnes.” said Mary as if Agnes had not spoken with such urgency. “Are you already done with your preparations for the trip to sabbat for Solstice?”

“It’s Elise, Mary.” Agnes frowned, “There is something very wrong with her.”

“You take every minor bit of mischief the girl gets into as a sign that something is wrong with her.” Mary chided, “Filching reagents and being engrossed in the art are not signs of madness. Tell me … Continue reading

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