Issue #37 – Of a Feather

This entry is part 1 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 4: Confluence

An oddball group of baddies, calling themselves the Outliers raid ConquesTech headquarters while Warrick and Tink are there to visit Elizabeth von Stoker. Can Warrick save the day without letting on that he’s Alloy? And just what do the Outliers want with Freaque anyway?

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Issue #21: Come the Black Clouds

This entry is part 10 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 2: Magic and Machines

She’s back! And this time, Morganna is not alone; she’s bought a squad of faeries and demons along just to spice things up. Not only are the Descendants in for the fight of their lives, but Liedecker puts his hand in, looking for vengeance for what the sorceress has done to his men. A Magitech Crisis Part 1.

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Issue #1: Life Savers, Inc

This entry is part 2 of 15 in the series The Descendants Vol 1: Welcome to Freeland House

Warrick and Cyn perform a random act of heroism, which gains their hastily assumed secret identities immediate attention. Unfortunately, some of the attention comes from crime lord, Vincent Liedecker who wants nothing more than to quash their heroic careers before it can grow.

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