Cast Page: Warrick Kaine

Warrick Kaine

Date of Birth: November 1, 2057
Italian American
Weight: 123lbs.
First Appearance: Descendants #0

A resident of Brooklyn, New York, Warrick always dreamed of becoming a hero like those he read about in comic books and fantasy novels. When his psionic powers manifested in the form of metal control, he became one in order to protect the other kids in his neighborhood from gangs looking to avenge themselves for his actions.

As the prelate Damascus, Warrick nominated himself as sidekick to his real life hero, The Whitecoat. After a series of flubs, the Whitecoat finally bought Warrick’s ‘career’ to the attention of his parents, who decided that if their son wanted to be a prelate, he would have to do it the ‘right’ way; by learning how to harness his powers at the Academy. Unfortunately, Warrick drew the attention of Project Tome, which placed him in stasis for ‘data collection’ for over a year before he was rescued in the raid on the Langley campus.

Following his rescue, Warrick quickly made friends with Cyn and the two of them formed the first super heroic team, called Lifesavers, Inc. Warrick flourished at Freeland House, making more friends that he’d ever made in New York, and finding a love interest in Christina “Tink: Carlyle. He also maintains constant contact with his family, especially his younger sister, Tammy.

Powers and Equipment: Warrick wields the power to shape metal to his whims, both on the physical level and at the atomic level; able to transmute one metal into another at the cost of great damage to surrounding metal objects. He usually uses this to create supernaturally hard armor around him or to disarm his opponents. His ‘metal sense’ can distinguish one metal or form of metal from another as well as amount of stress or damage done to it. Magically altered metal and particulate metal has been shown to resist his powers and muddle his metal sense.

Warrick also has the ability to ‘summon’ two metal tentacles that typically anchor themselves to his arms named Isp and Osp:


Isp and Osp
Date of Birth:
March 1, 2069 (relative age due to stasis: 5)
Metallic American
usually 3”
usually 5lbs.
First Appearance:
Descendants #0

One of the feats Warrick is capable of with his power is the manifestation of two metallic tentacles with a reach of thirty feet, the ability to shape their liquid metal bodies into any solid shape from blades to spider-like legs or even harpoons, and the purported strength to lift a truck. Though created by his power and capable of being ‘un-summoned’ the pair are actually separate, sentient entities; a rare phenomena among psionics.

Unable or unwilling to interact with organic beings aside from Warrick (to whom they are fanatically loyal) for any appreciable amount of time, the pair are often noted to engage in background activities, such as drawing, building houses of cards, or sunning themselves. Even Warrick admits that he doesn’t know what inspires their behavior.

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