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Ian Smythe

Date of Birth: April 21, 2049
Race/Ethnicity: Mixed European American
Weight: 159lbs
Hair: brown
First Appearance: Descendants #0

A California native, Ian grew up as the brain to his brother’s brawn. Both Smythe brothers developed powers of fluid density control; with Ian having more raw power, but his older brother, Isaac, having far better fine control. Ian entered the Academy to follow in his brother’s footsteps and soon fell in with Laurel and Alexis, who he harbored an unrequited crush for.

After the Academy and college, Ian chose to move to Washington State to take a development job with Brant Industries, becoming Laurel’s neighbor and even dating her for a time. When Alexis came to him for help, the Academy Enforcer, Prometheus, ended up destroying Ian’s home in his efforts to apprehend her. Both out of a need for vengeance and a sense of duty to the captured kids, Ian proposed a raid on the Academy’s Langley campus. The raid ended with Ian confronting and being gravely wounded by Prometheus.

Once at Freeland House, Ian seems to have no qualms letting his talent at engineering go to waste, but throws himself wholeheartedly into superheroics and being there fo the kids instead.

Powers and Equipment: As Chaos, Ian wields his power over the density of fluid matter to create powerful air currents that are capable of striking down enemies or supporting his weight while he is wearing a special wind catching cape. He can also use his power to manipulate other fluids, such as water, compacting them to the point of solidity or pressurization (even in situations normally not possible), or thinning them out to the point that they don’t provide buoyancy. He has also recently been taught by Isaac how to use his power to create a fuel air bomb.

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