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Alexis Keyes

Date of Birth: January 3, 2049
Race/Ethnicity: Roma American
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 160lbs.
Hair: black
Eyes: green (wears reading glasses)
First Appearance: Descendants #0

The middle sister of five girls, Alexis inherited her father’s ability to generate heat generating particulate matter that she calls ‘black heat’. When it became clear that Alexis’s powers were beyond her father’s scope to teach and her mother’s patience to clean up after, she was sent to the Academy to learn. There, she met Laurel and Ian and became the defacto leader of the trio; driving most of their adventures with her swingshift emotions and impulsive nature.

Alexis ultimately decided to give back to the Academy and become a teacher rather than move to the west coast with Laurel as Ian did. Over the years, she became distant and more than a little guilty over the trouble she had caused her friends in her youth.

This all changed when Alexis discovered the Academy’s betrayal and bought it to the attention of the only people she knew she could trust; her two best friends. Now the leader in the fight against Project Tome, she remains wracked with guilt over her unwitting involvement in their schemes.

Powers and Equipment: Alexis uses her ‘black heat’ in a number of ways, including projecting it offensively, levitating herself and other objects, and starting fires. By carefully arranging the particulate matter she generates, she can also become invisible, but doing so makes her blind. She wears a ballistic cloth body suit in battle as well as a scarf made of transitional material that allows it to become a rigid staff or elastic rope.

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