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Laurel Brant

Date of Birth: February 2, 2049
Race/Ethnicity: African American
Weight: 137lbs.
Hair: black
Eyes: brown (wears glasses)
First Appearance: Descendants #0

Daughter of Brant Industries owner, William Brant, Laurel grew up with all the advantages in life except her private tutoring kept her from socializing with kids her age. This changed when Laurel’s psionic power of hypercognition and eidetic memory manifested and she was sent to the Academy at Langley. There, she met Alexis and Ian, forming a tight knit trio with herself as the voice of reason to Alexis’s impulsiveness.

When Alexis discovered the Academy’s betrayal, and Ian subsequently proposed the fated raid on Langley, Laurel joined them. In the aftermath of the raid, Laurel bought her friends and the rescued teens to Freeland House, which had been a private holding of her father, which he then gifted to her.

After coming to Freeland House, Laurel has dedicated herself to ensuring the comfort of it’s inhabitants; both physical and mental.

Powers and Equipment: While Laurel has no superhuman combat abilities, she is self taught in more than half a dozen martial arts and has outfitted herself with a slew of technological weapons including ‘screamer’ sonic warfare devices, a mechanical, expanding staff that separates into pair of tonfa, and a bodysuit made of bullet resistant ‘ballistic cloth’. She is also in possession of the Book of Reason, a spellbook which contains instructions for ritual magic.

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