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Cynthia “Cyn” McAllister

Date of Birth: December 12, 2056
Irish American
usually 5’8”
Weight: usually 178lbs.
Hair: white
Eyes: usually green (naturally purple due to albinism)
First Appearance: Descendants #0

Born to an abusive family in North Carolina, Cyn faced her father and brothers’ ire for being born an albino; something her father insists means that she isn’t his child. Things only became worse when her psionic ability of perfect shapeshifting and accompanying six-fold increase in her appetite manifested. Her father and brothers quickly discovered that even small electrical shocks were enormously painful to her and sent her powers haywire.

Eventually, Cyn made her way to the Academy, where she was once again abused in the form of being kidnapped and held in stasis for two years before being rescued and bought to Freeland House.

With a fresh slate in Mayfield, Cyn has become close friends with Warrick and has taken Laurel as a sort of surrogate mother. She now considers the Descendants to be her family and fears losing them more than anything. She is forceful and opinionated, mirroring Alexis’s younger days as she tries to force Melissa to have fun her way and dragging Warrick and Juniper into everything she does.

Powers and Equipment: Cyn is a consummate shapeshifter, having complete control over her biology. This allows her to not only mimic others, but to form entirely new guises, grow claws, wings, or armor, and stretch or strengthen her own limbs.

The price for this vast power is that Cyn’s metabolism works overtime, requiring her to eat six times that of a normal human female her size and more if she uses her power extensively. If she ignores this need for too long, her skin will break down and metabolize any organic material it touches. Further, her highly efficient cellular makeup makes her extremely vulnerable to electric shock, which causes her to lose control of her powers.

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