Cast Page: Juniper Taylor

Juniper Taylor

Date of Birth: December 23, 2058
Race/Ethnicity: English/Native American
Height: 5’4”
Weight: 132lbs
Eyes: hazel
First Appearance: Descendants #0

Little is known about where Juniper comes from or her life before the Academy other than the fact that she had a class with Warrick and was placed in stasis before he was. She was being transported by a Project Tome cover operation when the vehicle had an accident and freed her. Ian and Alexis rescued her from Tome’s agents and bought her to Freeland House.

There, Juniper did her best to ingratiate herself with the other teens, though she is frequently made the butt of Cyn’s jokes for her sunny disposition. Though she isn’t particularly close to anyone else at Freeland House, she approaches the Descendants’ activities with excitement and gusto, though she rarely seems to take missions – even missions that directly threaten her life – seriously.

Powers and Equipment: Juniper possesses a heat sense and the ability to lower the temperature of an area or object, causing objects to become so cold as to turn brittle. She also uses this ability to freeze water vapor in the air into shackles, shields, or weapons. On at least one occasion, this power was shown capable of reducing ambient temperature enough to freeze air.

On top of her powers, Juniper also possesses military level skills with thrown weaponry, field surgery, and battlefield control. Recently, she also won a Koshiki Motors Genokaze flying motorcycle in a raffle.

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