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Kareem ibn Raimi Al-Utt

Date of Birth: March 3, 2053 
Race/Ethnicity: Iranian American
Height: 5’9”
Weight: 149lbs
Hair: brown Eyes: brown
First Appearance:
Descendants #0

Kareem was born in Iran and moved to California with his parents when his father took a job offer as part of a team researching the then newly discovered astral plane. When Kareem displayed astral projection powers he decided, with his parents’ consent, to attend the Academy to make the most of them. Unfortunately, his time at the Academy was cut short by his kidnapping and imprisonment in a stasis cell.

Time in the cell damaged Kareem’s body and by the time Kareem was freed from his confinement, his body had fallen into a deep coma, leaving his astral projection as his only method of communication. Despite this, Kareem made fast friends at Freeland House, particularly with the depressed and reclusive Melissa even before Laurel created a network of devices that allowed Kareem to communicate via computer screen and speakers and travel miles from his comatose body.

Powers and Equipment: Possibly due to his unprecedented lengthy exposure to the astral plane, Kareem has developed abilities that utilize and manipulate the plane in some way, allowing him to shape the local reality on the astral, to attack the astral bodies of material creatures, and to read and touch the minds of others.

Following an encounter with astral entities, Kareem was forced back into his body, which awoke from the coma and it has become unclear what powers he has retained apart from his ability to sense and read minds.

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