Cast Page: Melissa Forrester

Melissa Forrester

Date of Birth: March 12, 2049 
Race/Ethnicity: Irish American
Height: 5’3”
Weight: 110lbs.
Hair: red Eyes: green
First Appearance:
Descendants #0

Melissa was sent to the Academy in hopes of controlling her ability to exude mood enhancing stimulants, which had driven her to depression due to never being able to trust the emotions of others. At the Academy, she was roommate to Alexis who made constant overtures of making her part of her circle of friends, but was always rebuffed.

In the winter of her first year at the Academy, Melissa as kidnapped and remained in stasis for nearly a decade before Alexis and company unexpectedly rescued her from the Langley campus. Horrified at how much time she’d lost, Melissa fell into her old patterns, rejecting Cyn’s attempts to make friends. She did, however, find a kindred spirit in Kareem, who was as literally removed from a normal life as she was spiritually.

Powers and Equipment: With minimal combat ability, Melissa relies on her mood elevating power to distract enemies while concentrating on applying the healing touch to the fallen. Neither power is without it’s price, however. Though Melissa now has control of her mood power, she can only elevate existing moods, which means that she may actually increase an enemy’s resolve or bloodlust. Her healing, likewise has the side effect of causing ravenous hunger in the subject, possibly to the point of starving them to death in the process of healing them.

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