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Hey folks! Friday I announced the release date for Rune Breaker #4, Evil Unto Evil, the final volume of my series, Rune Breaker. Yes, the conclusion of the Rune Breaker saga will be arriving on December 6 and will be on sale digitally for $3.99 on all platforms I publish on (Amazon, iTunes, Kobo, Nook and DriveThru Fiction), but two lucky fans of this site are going to get a copy in EPUB or PDF format for FREE. And all you have to do is jump through some hoops to amuse me…er, I mean show your fandom by entering one of two contests I’ve cooked up for this occasion. Sound interesting? Well read on!
Contest the First: Test Your Rune Breaker Knowledge
Below are fifteen trivia questions based on the first three Rune Breaker books. All you have to do is copy and paste those questions, along with your answers and email them to me at by December 5, 2013.
At the deadline, I will choose an entry at random from those with the most correct answers as the winner.

The Prize
The winner will receive an ebook copy of ‘Rune Breaker Book 4: Evil Unto Evil’ in their choice of .epub or .pdf formats, delivered to the email address they provide in their entry no later than December 9, 2013.

The Questions
  1. What is the meaning of Ru’s name?

  2. What does the draconic word graphur translate to?

  3. What is the name of Brin’s Spirit companion?

  4. Where does Kaiel’s mother work?

  5. Immurai the Masked used to be called something else—what was it?

  6. What drink was Taylin offered while at the Murderyard?

  7. Ru killed a wizard during the battle with the King od Flame and Steel to acquire what item?

  8. Name Raiteria and Brumun’s children (full names, please)

  9. What does Ru insinuate about Taylin when they argue in the House?

  10. How does Kaiel discover Bashurra in Idarian Homestead?

  11. What type of monsters does Immurai use to attack the Murderyard?

  12. What does Layaka beg Brin to buy her in Daire City?

  13. Name the six physical magic energies.

  14. How does Taylin kill the King of Flame and Steel?

  15. How is Brin concealing the truth about who she is?

Contest the Second: Test Your Creative Mettle
The second way to win your free copy of the new book is to express your fandom in a way only the internet can: through a fanwork.

This contest is open to all mediums of fan works: fanart, fanfiction, videos, or even filk songs if you’re so inclined as long as it is a fan-created derivative of a work set in the World of Ere. Fanart or fanfiction can be sent directly to me at and you can also send me links to multimedia efforts.

In creating your fanwork, please keep my brand new Fanwork Policy in mind. Also, keep in mind that by entering this contest, you give me permission to post or display (but not sell) your fanwork with credit to you on my site. After all, what good is having cool fan stuff if I can’t show it off?

Entries for this contest will be open until noon EDST on December 5, 2013.

The winner of this contest will be whichever entry I personally deem most awesome (an objective measure by anyone’s reckoning). Creativity will weigh more in my eyes than technical accuracy, as will the amount of work put into the entry.

The Prize
The winner will receive an ebook copy of ‘Rune Breaker #4, Evil Unto Evil’ in their choice of .epub or .pdf formats, delivered to the email address they provide in their entry no later than December 9, 2013 and will have their entry as well as links to their blog or website (if they so desire) linked on the main page.

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