Evil is Coming…

My friends, were gather here to mark the end of a grand adventure. Three years ago, I started writing a series called Rune Breaker and this weekend, the final chapter will come to a close.

It’s been a lot of fun, writing this tale of action and grand adventure in a world I’ve been building up in my mind for more than a decade. I love them, even Ru, the spiteful bastard, and I love the World of Ere. At the same time, I’m filled with a sense of relief.
Not that the story is over, but that I actually managed to finish the story. It’s the biggest, most ambitious thing I’ve undertaken and then completed in my writing career. In the end, the series will weigh in at just under a quarter million words and six hundred pages across four volumes. It’s pretty heady and inspiring when I take it as proof of what I can actually accomplish.
But anyway, I’ve been clever this time and have been sending my chapters to be edited as they came out, meaning that unless something stupid happens (or a new version of Dwarf Fortress comes out) the new book will be out on December 6, and this post is the pre-launch party for Rune Breaker Book 4: Evil Unto Evil!
Rune Breaker 04 photo RB_04625x1000_zps082556d8.jpg
Taylin’s long journey has brought her many blessings: has new friends, a new family, and even a peace of sorts with Ru Brakar, the evil mage accidentally bound into her service. She also has a new name: Pele, and a past she isn’t certain she wants to remember.
All of her joy, however, has been threatened at every turn by the demon Immurai the Masked and his quest for something called the Soul Battery. Now, the truth about the Soul Battery and why Immurai wants it have been revealed and the only hope of saving Taylin’s adoptive nephew is bringing it and the awesome power it promises to the demon’s own doorstep.
Faced with an island fortress protected by an army, not to mention the demon himself, Pele and her companions will need to tap every resource they can for even a hope of victory. One mistake might damn the world to Immurai’s rule and cost Pele everything she’s gained.
Collects Book 4, the finale of the web serial novel, Rune Breaker.
See how it all began in Book1, A Girl and Her Monster, the events that led Taylin into conflict with Immurai in Book 2, Lighter Days, Darker Nights, and the stunning revelations that came to light in Book 3, The Path of Destruction.
Hell yeah!
I’m going to do the contests thing again, one trivia, one fanfic based (because I’m going to keep making that offer until fanfic happens, people -crosses arms-. Details will be up this weekend, so watch the news post and my twitter feed @ParadoxOmni, for when they come up. Winners will be announced and get their prizes on the Wednesday before launch.
And… that’s actually it for this week. Unsurprisingly, I have a lot of work to do that doesn’t include blogging.
I will, however, take a moment to plug someone: Marian Call, an awesome geeky recording artist who I discovered, because she follows me on Twitter. Well if that means she’s a fan, the feeling is mutual and you guys should all check out her stuff because it is great!

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