‘The Steam Punk’ by Justin Childress now on Kindle

Almost a year ago, one of the guys in my writing group on another forum asked me to read the first few chapters of a novel he was working on. It kicked all manner of ass.

I’m proud to report that he’s finally put that story, the first book of a trilogy, on sale for the world to see. I highly suggest you throw money furiously at this man’s work now before his stuff can only be had for $30 hardback. What I read then (and am reading now) is totally worth his asking price, believe me.

Check out The Steam Punk on Amazon right now. If you don’t have a Kindle, there are links right on the page to get a free app so you can read Kindle books on any mobile device and most desktop rigs.

And if you haven’t already, and you happen to be in a Kindle book buying mood, remember that I’ve got some books on sale there too.

Happy reading!

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