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Show your support of The Descendants with these handsome wallpapers, available in all standard sizes for fit any modern monitor.
Item Description Size Price Purchase Link
The main series logo on an all black background. 1024×768 $1.00  [paiddownloads id=”2″]
1152×864  [paiddownloads id=”3″]
1280×960  [paiddownloads id=”4″]
1280×1024  [paiddownloads id=”5″]
1600×1200  [paiddownloads id=”6″]
2048×1536  [paiddownloads id=”7″]
The reverse of the traditional logo for those who prefer a lighter background. 1024×768 $1.00  [paiddownloads id=”8″]
1152×864  [paiddownloads id=”9″]
1280×960  [paiddownloads id=”10″]
1280×1024  [paiddownloads id=”11″]
1600×1200  [paiddownloads id=”12″]
2048×1536  [paiddownloads id=”13″]
The Liedecker Institute’s official seal. Show the world what high school you wish you went to. 1024×768 $1.00  [paiddownloads id=”14″]
1152×864  [paiddownloads id=”15″]
1280×960  [paiddownloads id=”16″]
1280×1024  [paiddownloads id=”17″]
1600×1200  [paiddownloads id=”18″]
2048×1536  [paiddownloads id=”19″]

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