Meet My Character Blog Hop – Ru Brakar

Greetings folks, this entry on the blog is actually part of a group promotion I’m doing with a bunch of other Speculative Fiction authors from The gist is the introduce new and prospective readers to out characters and by extension our books. Each week, a new author is taking the wheel with a Sunday blog post.

Before me was William D. Richards and his character, Nem Aster, laying down some sweet old school hero’s journey action in a world of warring empires.

I’m going to do things a bit different for my turn because most of my readers already know quite a bit about Ru and the World of Ere from my perspective. For this post, I’m going to let Ru himself take over and answer.

Vaal: You ready Ru?

Ru: This is supreme foolishness, but if I must, I must. Be warned, I will not suffer foolishness lightly even form you, O Creator.

Vaal: Fair enough. Let’s start.

What is the name of your character? Is he fictional or a historic person?

Ru Brakar: Fictional? Fictional?! By my blood, how you you insinuate that my existence is a falsehood simply because I do not exist on … Continue reading

Rune Breaker IV: Evil Unto Evil Is Now On Sale

This is it folks, the finale of the Rune Breaker saga I started on this site two years ago. Book 4, Evil Unto Evil, is now available at:

Amazon / B&N / Kobo

DriveTrue Fiction and iTunes editions will be available soon! You might want to get it now instead of waiting for it to update on the site, because the last chapter won’t show up here until some time in 2015! (EUE is 19 chapters long and RB updates 1 chapter/month). Also, there is a book-only bonus scene at the end that I know you’ll want to read.

Continue reading

A Girl and Her Monster (Rune Breaker I) now on Amazon Kindle

A Girl and Her Monster (Rune Breaker I)

There is a legend in this world of a weapon that only the most wicked of souls seek. It has passed down through the years since before the coming of the gods and each time it’s been found, it granted its master the power to conquer. The power to rule. In the past, it was known by another name, but now it is only known by Rune Breaker.

After decades of dormancy, it just found a new master.

Only this time, things will be different. The new master of the Rune Breaker is an escaped slave-soldier of the Hailene Army of Ascendancy. She never sought the weapon. She does not want to conquer or rule.

Making that choice won’t be easy, for the Rune Breaker is not a sword or bow, but a man; a shapeshifting mage bound to serve whoever finds him as punishment for his ancient crimes. And his sentence has done nothing to reform him. Now, with a villain from before history bound to serve a heroic soul, the question must be answered: Can evil be turned to the cause of … Continue reading

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