What’s Coming Next For DescendantsSerial (Good News!)

I know I’ve missed a couple of updates, but rest assured that your patience will soon be rewarded, as I detail below:

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  1. So… I never really got into the podcast scene because I prefer my information in written form.
    I read webserials rather than watch youtube video channels, too.
    And while I’m fluent enough in english to follow this in theory (and my only reason not to do so is merely that I just really, really don’t want to), there are lots of people out there for whom english is the second(+) language and who aren’t all that fluent in it yet – enough to read english texts, but not enough to easily follow spoken english.

    What I’m getting at is… Any chance we could get a writeup of that? Just the most important bulletpoints? I don’t understand why you decided to do it as a sound-only video in the first place instead of typing a few lines, but that’s your thing. Just… youtube’s automatic subtitles are a joke. Please give us the cliff’s notes in text form?

    • Of course! Sorry for the trouble, it’s just that I was having trouble finding a good typing surface earlier.

      The gist is that I’m now able to produce more content thanks to better internet, including more podcasts or video stuff and a kickstarter. I also announced that I’ll be releasing The Descendants as single issues and that I’m the new VP of the Pen and Cape society, so I’ll be doing more projects with them now.

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