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As I’ve explained for the past two blog posts, my writing schedule had to take a back seat for the past couple weeks due to my mother’s illness and recovery, which led me to delay not just the first chapter of Descendants #78, but the much-awaited new installment of This Old Monster; the former because I want to maintain my buffer of chapters, the latter because it requires research I simply could not take the time to perform.


I want to take this time to say how grateful I am to all of you, my fans. I’ve gotten a ton of comments and emails that were completely supportive of what was going on and understanding of why my posting schedule is skewed at the moment. I am touched at just how caring and compassionate a fanbase I’ve been lucky enough to cultivate in my time writing for this site. My only wish is that I could pay you all back tenfold.


What I CAN do at the moment is to put you all at ease. My mother’s home care has ended and she expects to be back to normal come Monday. At the same time, I’ll be able to return to my own work here. There is a ~40% chance I’ll have the buffer back in order by Sunday night and will start posting Descendants #78. Otherwise, I’ll post a chapter from the story Ridsekes that you might have seen on the site.


Otherwise, things should be back to normal thereafter: Rune Breaker will update Wednesday, the long-awaited This Old Monster blog on brownies will arrive Friday, and so on. I’ll also have time to work on the site (and yell at Dreamhost over the fatal errors the site has been throwing). I’m sorry for any continued problems and will be working to get out ahead of them.


Again, thank you all. You’re better fans than this dancing monkey deserves.

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  1. Good news indeed. You can tell your mother that the Internet, schizophrenic love/hate machine that it is, sends her wishes for a speedy recovery. 😛

  2. I have to say two things 1) glad to hear your mum’s getting better and
    2) I just realised you meant brownies as in the fairies and not the delicious baked goods. I was kind of wondering how that could be scary ever.

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