The Fifth Week Event – Episode 3: The Marvel Game

Another episode. This won’t always be every other week, but I’m havign fun with this, so who knows.

This week, we’re discussing the game that inspired Warrick and The Descendants Universe as a whole. Warning: Youtube added a hiss over the whole thing and I couldn’t edit it and try again at the library, so I’m going to re-upload this in a week or so.

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  1. How smooth, not mentioning that the reason one would use Summon to create the tentacles is because that way you get them at one fifth the price. Optimizing Hero system 101: Everything is either Summon, alternate form, or part of a framework. Preferably summon or alternate form inside a framework or vice versa.

    THAT’s how you say T’Challa? Weird…
    And connecting, how do you spell the character name that sounds like ‘tea can’?

    Is it just me who finds it odd that a supposed high school for mutants that’s supposed to raise them to be productive citizens rather than a fighting force would have combat exercise as part of science class? Sure once you figure in the class is being held by Mr. Sinister it makes sense but I can’t help feeling some bells should have rung…

    • In my defense, I didn’t know how Summon worked back then and just did what he told me to do.

      I can’t guarantee the pronunciation because this was before T’Challa ever appeared in anything but a comic. Avenger: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes used the same pronunciation though, so I guess we were right.

      Not a science class, the exercise was just run by the science teacher, who knew enough super science to make the pool monsters. and it DID raise a red flag with T’Keon. Warrick might have convinced him that this was just ‘normal’ super science they should expect at the X-mansion though. OOC, his player immediately pointed out that this has never been a thing in X-men, but neither TK nor Warrick could read the comics and know this.

      • Not entirely true. For a period, Forge associated with the X-men and he did a bunch of super-sciencing at the manor. Totally different period than Academy X but anyway.

        • I don’t think Forge or the Skiar tech ever made biopunk monsters though.

          The last thing like this that got into a the mansion got cooked by Kitty with the Blackbird’s engines.

          • One could argue that’s less about Forge’s and the Shi’ar empire’s ability and more about the difficulty of coming up with a sane reason to create monsters. With the danger room there, ‘practice opponent’ isn’t one.

          • And really, who needs to create monsters when Dani will dream one up, Nightcrawler might have one chase him down through his ‘ports, and Illyana’s old buddies are so eager to visit.

            Actually, the X-mansion could use some guardian monsters that aren’t hairy Canadians.

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