The Fifth Week Event Episode 04

Sorry folks, but gnomes will have to wait for next week. Until then, please enjoy this discussion on some issues with superheroes people don’t always think about.

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  1. Well, I read Empowered. That’s a comic.

    I actually think about reading some more of those every now and then, but I’m not quite sure where to start. Plus, spending time on the internet you hear a lot more about the problems and failings of the genre / the industry than you hear about awesome must-read series, so that’s not very encouraging either.

  2. Dude, Jack Nicholson wasn’t in the first Batman movie. The first Batman movie was made in 1943, though I won’t fault anyone for not knowing that since it’s sort of obscure. But Batman: The Movie from 1966 needs to be acknowledged. And Cesar Romero did a worthy job as The Joker.

    Where do superheroes get their uniforms? From Leo Zelinsky! He’s an actual canon Marvel character.

    I always imagined Raven just bought what she needed with daddy’s credit card. Though I guess that’s actually neither canon nor make much sense, considering.

    • I keep forgetting Batman ’66 was an actual movie. I saw it on TV all the time.

      Also, Raven running up Trigon’s credit cards is an awesome idea.

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