Descendants Serial: Resolutions (2015 Edition)

So. 2015 is here and none too soon. I was not fond of 2014. Not only were there awful things on the world stage like ISIS, Ebola, Robin Williams dying, and Kindle Unlimited, but I had numerous bad things go down in my personal life. The only good thing was that my writing career started to pay off, which is nice, but I’d pay back the money to erase a few key events (Where’s Mephisto when you need him?)

New Years is often the time when people make resolutions, and historically, I was never one for that sort of thing. I don’t plan in general, so trying to promise myself I’ll do things over an entire year ain’t happening.

In general though, I do keep my promises to you guys (blog posts not withstanding), so I feel pretty comfortable letting you guys know what’s coming up both for my works and the site in general in the coming year. Also, as this is a year in review (and I didn’t have a 5th Wednesday thing last month), I’ll also be giving some entertainment suggestions from the stuff I’ve … Continue reading

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