So Here’s What’s Happening (7/5/12)

Many of you had your morning commute, lunch break, or downtime utterly ruined this past week when the newest installments of Descendants, LI: Generations Aflame, and now Rune Breaker completely failed to show up on your feeds, mobile devices or other internet capable device.
There are sporadic and likely entirely fabricated reports of fans of the site taking violently to the streets all over the globe, looting and murdering in their terrible rage at not getting their fix of superhero action, high school hijinks and fantasy violence. Death tolls may or may not number in the hundreds of thousands with millions more injured. Entire regimes have possibly been driven to their knees and ground into dust under the onslaughts of crazed Descendants fans.
But now is a time for calm. A voice must speak out to end the ritualistic flayings and savage beatings (the petty theft may continue though). And that gentle, melodious, and yet incredibly manly voice must be mine.
I know you’re frightened and uncertain, not knowing how you’ll be killing those ten minutes next Monday is the series doesn’t return. And I know you’re angry that cruel fate robbed you of knowing what happens next, an angry that can only be quelled by scrapping your teeth on the skulls of your fellow humans. In fact, I’m kind of flattered at the outpouring of mayhem that has swept this planet in the past five days.
But I am here to tell you to be brave and fear not. I have explanations and I have a plan. Please hold any disembowelings until the end:
First, the explanation: Last week, a storm pattern that hardly ever happens in my region charged through, laying waste to the local infrastructure, which at this point was primarily constructed with hope and grim determination never to pay for essential services. As if by magic, this plunged over one million people in the DC, Maryland and Virginia region into eternal darkness in the middle of a heat wave that is now eight days old and counting.
One of those suddenly damned souls was yours truly. Thinking quickly, I bravely fled my house for the safety and air conditioning of relatives, who unfortunately have no internet. In top of this, all of my notes and unfinished work was stored on my computer and my only source of internet access was my local library, which helpfully refused to allow me to access my Dropbox back-ups. Thus, not only was I unable to update, but nothing I actually wrote could be saved somewhere that I could get to it after the fact.
Power was restored at my house Tuesday evening, but I was only able to get back the following morning where I promptly and tearfully embraced my air conditioner.
So where do we go from here? Well I got zero writing done over the course of this hootenanny of terrible to fill my buffer of stories and I’d already missed two of three updates.
Therefore, I’m declaring that this week didn’t happen. Screw it. Seriously. There’s no point in trying to salvage it because that would mean killing myself to bang out seventeen pages of content in three days. Let’s face it, that wouldn’t be good work and trying to play catch-up is a loser’s bet.
Instead, everything moves back a week and we pretend that was the plan all along, got me?
Next week, Monday’s update will be the update for July 2nd, Wednesday’s will be the update for the 4th, and Friday will be a Rune Breaker update. Check out the schedule to see how it all shakes down in the succeeding weeks. This way, no one misses their favorite Wednesday content, I get a week to replenish the buffer and all it costs is 4th Wednesday content, which was random anyway.
Thanks again for your patience, and hopefully, this won’t happen again for a long, long time.

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