Posting Schedule for September 2011

Friday, September 2nd – Rune Breaker Chapter 12: Her Most Beauteous Wings

Monday, September 5th – Descendants #55 ‘Beer Money’ Chapter 2

Wednesday, September 7th – Liedecker Academy #18 ‘Fun and Games’ Part 1

Monday, September 12th – Descendants #55 ‘Beer Money’ Chapter 3

Wednesday, September 14th – Descendants: LA #6 ‘Above the Line’ Part 3

Thursday, September 16th – TBA Descendants Bonus Story

Friday, September 17th – Rune Breaker Book 2 Premier Chapter 13: Tales of the Rune Breaker

Monday, September 19th – Descendants #55 ‘Beer Money’ Chapter 4

Wednesday, September 21st – Spider’s 7 #8 ‘The Con’ Part 1

Monday, September 26th – Descendants #55 ‘Beer Money’ Chapter 5

Wednesday, September 28th – Preview: Liedecker Institute Presents ‘Quest for Fire’ miniseries

Friday, September 30th – Rune Breaker Chapter 14: Another’s Darkness

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