News: The Good, the Bad and the Awesome

There are a number of things that have come up this week that warrant a news post, so I’m combining all of them. Click on the title to see news concerning:

– a new moderation policy for comments (to help fight spam)

– the next Rune Breaker book in paperback

– how you can help make A Girl and Her Monster (Rune Breaker, #1) and Descendants Collection 01: We Could Be Heroes free in your country’s store.

Let’s get the least pleasant thing out of the way first: Friday night, the anti-spam plungin I use for the site triggered a fatal error that took the site’s front page offline for over two hours before I could suss out the cause. Unfortunately, it seems that every anti-spam plugin I’ve tried to replace it with either does the same thing or fails miserably. This means I’m going to have to go to my method of last resort: not being lazy.

Until I can find a replacement, or stop the memory allocation errors, I’ve set comments to require approval. So don’t panic if your comment doesn’t show up instantly for the next couple of weeks and once I approve one of your posts, the system should let you post freely thereafter. And no, I won’t be taking this opportunity to censor anything. I’ve only had to do that with one person and that was an EXTREME case.

With that said, there is some truly awesome news: Light Days, Darker Nights (Rune Breaker, #2) is now available in paperback for $9.99 from Amazon and Createspace. I’ll have a coupon code for Createspace in a week or so, and if anyone would like a signed copy, contact me and we can make arrangements. Now, I said there will be an omnibus for the Rune Breaker ebook, and there will be, but there won’t be a big, giant, Rune Breaker: Complete paperback because that will be way too expensive for me to proof (you pay by the page to get these made), so if you were waiting for that… it ain’t gonna happen unless there’s a miracle.

Finally, last week I announced that A Girl and Her Monster had finally gone free on It was pointed out then that neither it nor the first Descendants book are free in Germany or Italy. First, I am aware of the problem and I want to remedy it because I really want you guys to all have those free books.

The problem is that Amazon doesn’t allow you to just give a book away. The mechanism for getting a book permanently free there is one I can’t trigger myself. So if you’ want these books free in your country’s Amazon store, you’re going to have to help a brotha out.

To make books free on Amazon, you have to report to Amazon that they are free somewhere else, then wait for them to match that price. So step on is to click the bookstore link in the navbar above, and copy the link from either the store or iTunes for one of the free books. Then you’ll want to navigate to the book page on your Amazon store and look for a link called ‘report a lower price’. Paste the free link into the dialog box and send it.

Processing the free links takes about three weeks, so once you do that, contact me in the comments or ont he forums and I will thne jsut straight up send you a copy of the free book you want for doing me a solid.

And that my friends, is all the news that’s fit to print.

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  1. Another FYI, german users can’t see pricing information on kindle ebooks on any amazon page but the german one.
    For the reporting of a cheaper prices theres no real link avaible, several if one does not like a book. It seems one has to use the one that lets one report a formating issues and select “other”.

    I did report that the first books of both descendants and rune breaker are free on itunes, I will let you know if they answer something unexpected.
    Oh and the email I have in the required field is as it says, not real, since I didn’t really expect to have a use for that field.. I always end up getting spammed when I comment on things. And since I didn’t make an obscure reference yet I will just blame kibler for that. 😉

    • Amusingly enough, since you were auto-approved before, you still got through without my intervention.

      Thanks for reporting it and letting me know the situation from the German end. The weird thing is, I can get to the .de page and it does give me prices for there and all the international pages. I suspect there’s a script running based on region. Unfortunately, they don’t accept it when I report stuff

      • I got mail from them, stating that they dont understand german and that I should use english to report things about it.
        Despite the fact that I was using the german page when I send the messages.
        Looks very much like the basic “We dont really care about this and outsourced this to india.” form message, including the names signed from the reps sending the message.
        It didnt even link to a proper form for an additional report. Just the the clusterfuck they call their basic help files.

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