Merry Christmas and a Holiday Request

Hello to all my wonderful readers! For all of you who celebrate it religious or secular, Merry Christmas! For all of you who don’t, I hope you’re safe and happy at home surrounded by friends and family. I’d say a bit about a roaring fire, hot chocolate and roasting chestnuts, but it’s going to be in the 70’s here and I’m going to be grilling, so what do I know about ringing in the holiday.

I know the blogs have been few and far between as I finish up Soul Battery 2, but things will change for the better in the New Year. I hope to make the site the books and the game my full-time job by 2017, which means I’ll have more time to do things right.

Speaking of both the holiday and the new year, I have a small request: Descendants #92 is going to be an anthology of short homages to different comic books styles with the Descendants characters as the unwilling stars.

I already plan to have one for the works of Jack ‘King’ Kirby and shonen manga, but I then thought it might be fun to make this a little interactive and ask you, the reader what kind of homages you’re like to see. It doesn’t have to be superhero comics, but just let me know on the forum or in the comments what you’d like to see.

Or you can vote for ideas I already had:

  • Another poke at 90’s antiheroes
  • 1940’s crime comics.
  • 1960’s romance comics
  • Pulp radio drama
  • The Animated Series (in the spirit of the DC Animated Universe)
  • Newspaper comic strips
  • World War II comics

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  1. I’m tempted to suggest pro wrestling plotline, and I’m only half joking about that.

    Newspaper comic strip sounds fun, though I’m not really sure how it’d work. Would it be like a syndicated ‘funny’ strip where the pattern is panel one establishing a situation, panel two reinforcing some feature of one of the cast, and panel three repeating one of the three to five jokes the series has made during it’s run? Or like those continuing plot strips where panel one is recap of the last strip, in panel two somebody says something, and panel three is a cliffhanger?

  2. Okay, I tried to post this a couple of times, and it doesn’t seem to go through. One last try.

    You could do an homage to one of your favorite webserials or webcomics. Any of the ones you have listed on your sidebar could be good.

    You could easily claim the webserial or webcomic in question is still around in the 2070’s, and perhaps is super-famous, w/ movies, TV shows, etc.

    You probably don’t need to ask permission to do an homage or a parody, but you might want to anyway, just to be on good terms w/ the creators.

    • Apparently WordPress took exception to your copy of the ordered list. Like serious exception. It sent them to the trahs instead of the spam folder. Glad you were able to get a post off though.

  3. Personally, I’m down for whatever, cause all of those sounds like excellent choices. I think the pulp radio, 90s antihero, and 1940s crime comics sounds coolest though. But my favorite comic series of all time was a 90s crime fighting drama based off a 1940s radio serial, so I might be biased.

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