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The new year is upon us and I’ve got a slate of new stuff I’ve been dying to tell all my readers to look out for. As usual, none of it’s set in stone and feedback and my own whimsy can change these before they become reality. So if you really like or really hate something you see here, now’s your chance to make your voice heard.

And now, without further ado, the 2012 solicits for Descendants Serial

Satellite Series and Other Stories

There is a lot of stuff outside the main universe I’d like to sink my teeth in here.

First off, a big one: Rune Breaker will be moving to a monthly format and will now update on the first Friday of every month.

Other Fridays will now be used to force me to maintain a weekly blog, which will deal with my creative process and my inspirations (comics, pop culture, internet society, etc.) This won’t be as lame as it sounds and with the new front page I’m putting together, won’t be all that distracting.

Additionally, I’m considering a new serial novel like Rune Breaker only set in the DU. Watch this spot and the forums for details and your chance to vote on them, but the titles and concepts are:

  • White Pine Hollow: A vampire story set in a small town following the unlife of patient zero of a vampire outbreak. Not a horror or romance, more of a drama with some humor and a look at the psychology around vampires.

  • Single Red Female: Romance blooms between two low level descendants. Takes a look at the Academy’s downfall from the perspective of someone who lost someone to it. No superheroics, just an attempt at something genuinely romantic within the setting.

  • In Need of a Miracle: A con artist convinced a city that he’s a superhero called The Miracle, battling a gang of powered thugs so they’ll set him up with a posh HQ and expense account. Everything goes smoothly until a real supervillain shows up.

That, plus this year, I will finish the first episodes of Malady Place and Imago.

Miniseries and Ongoing

Early in this year, both Spider’s 7 and Descendants: LA will hit their big 12th issue and have their annuals. The plan at the moment is to come back to those stories later and replace them with two new minis; Liedecker Institute: Generations Aflame, and the much anticipated Vorpal: Gyre and Gimble. V:G&G is going to be a short series, immediately followed up with Liedecker: Life and Times Part II – The Apprentice. I’m still deciding what to do with 4th Wednesdays I might keep D:LA going straight through.

The Descendants

Volume 6 is on the way! Continuing with the theme of the world changing, Volume 6 is called ‘Brinks’. Like every volume, it brings it’s share of the new:

New allies:

  • The Interstate Psionic Bounty Organization

  • Japan and the UK’s first super teams

  • The Heroic Half-ton

  • Sean McAllister and the Iron Boys

  • Project Tome?

New enemies:

  • The Moreau-tech Warriors

  • The Challenger

  • Damascus?

And look for old friends and foes to return, like the Kin, the Outliers, the Adriel, Warpstar, Lucius the Ape Knight and Metal X.

This volume will also change everything you think know about Faerie and reveal the truth behind what happened to Arjun Ravi as well as the identity of the person who leaked the location of the Beach House to Tome.

Let’s not forget the personal lives of our heroes. Kareem find himself unwillingly placed in a love triangle or two, Cyn continues her private war with the Sneak Thief, and Juniper learns some unconventional lessons in college. Meanwhile, Melissa makes a surprising choice, and could there be another engagement on the horizon?

You won’t believe who Laurel dates, and the not so little problem that Alexis develops.

All this, plus the mystery of the new hero Errant.

The world is still changing and so are the people. Next year is going to be a big one for the entire Descendants Universe.

Questions? Concerns? Objections?

Comment here, or post them to the forum and you will be heard.

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